Friday, February 13, 2009

Talking Points Memo on trash hauling

From the MRJs Editor's Notepod:

Cheshire: Contract for waste removal won't be waived. Given the particular history, I can see why members had some general concerns.

Oftentimes I disagree with the editorial board of the MRJ, but not this time. In fact, it's refreshing to be reminded that their editorial board doesn't take their TPM from Town Hall.

And while on this topic, I should mention two events in the runup to the deadlocked vote:

1) The first meeting discussing this bid waiver was a few weeks ago. After that meeting, I was very clear with Councilmen Altieri and Ecke that the history of the contract was a real concern for me.

2) Several minutes before the start of Tuesday's meeting (during the Solid Waste meeting) I suggested that the issue could be tabled during the full Council meeting... until we had more time to consider... perhaps to have a vote at a second meeting in February.

Tim White

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