Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dems for Governor in 2010

CTNewsJunkie reports that Susie "spelling" B is running for Governor.* That should make life interesting for Cheshire's Richard Abbate - her GOP opponent for SOTS in 2006. If it's an open seat with public funding, Richard obviously has a better chance of winning this time.

Also, Dan Malloy is running again. If I recall correctly, it was Cheshire's Mike Ecke who ultimately gave Malloy the deciding vote at the Dem state convention in May 2006. For those of you who recall... while DeStefano won the primary by a hair in August, he lost the convention nomination by one or two votes out of 1600. And Mike Ecke was the deciding vote as Malloy explained his policy views to Mike for about ten minutes immediately preceding the vote. Talk about being a "swing voter."

And I should also remind everyone that Crusher is running. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing that Crusher will get at least one Cheshire endorsement - Councilman Turf.

Tim White

* I say that jokingly... I can never remember how to spell her name correctly. Besides, I do hear good things about her.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope that councilman Turf will not be as involved in the democratic party by then, after he is voted out of office this November!

Anonymous said...

Condolences to the Gaffey family. We may not agree with his politics, but you never want to see that happen to the family.

Anonymous said...

It's sad what happened to the Gaffey family; but let it be a lesson to the rest of us that there are far important things than shlepping to junkets with hotties.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that Mr. Altieri may be supporting the sleasiest of the candidates for governor?

Anonymous said...

RE: "It's sad what happened to the Gaffey family"...

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.” -- Aeschylus

Let us pray for them.