Friday, February 20, 2009

Caligiuri for US Senate 2010?

Although the story appears to have begun with the WRA (the hometown paper where Sam Caligiuri was once mayor), it appears to have gone viral quite quickly.

Others around the state are already running the story, including:

Genghis Conn at CTLocalPolitics

Christopher Keating at the Courant's
Capitol Watch

Shelly Sindland mentions his likely candidacy on
her personal blog

And WTNH has both
a written piece and video:

My two cents:

A few months ago, I saw Sam in Town Hall. I asked him to run against Senator Chris Dodd. At the time, Sam indicated the fundraising was a hurdle he'd rather not cross. And with public funding for state-level races, I figured he wasn't interested. Regardless, the WRA reports:

If Republicans nominate him, Caligiuri said, Dodd will outspend him, but he is confident that he could raise enough money to run a competitive and successful campaign.

So I think Sammy is basically going for it.

As for my personal feelings, I think Sam could do a fine job as a US Senator. But I've already gotten involved with the Draft Peter Schiff for US Senate 2010 campaign. So now I'm wavering.

The two issues most important to me for 2010 are monetary policy and fiscal policy.

I'm comfortable with both Peter and Sam on fiscal policy. And I'm quite comfortable with Schiff on monetary policy (he rejects fiat money - a policy under which money grow on trees). But I have no idea where Sam stands on monetary policy. So with nothing more than a Draft Schiff campaign ongoing... I will be asking Sam Caligiuri about his views on monetary policy.

I believe very strongly that we need to transition away from fiat money and return to some form of sound money.

Tim White

p.s. As for Rob Simmons, I could vote for him. But I don't have any sort of real desire to support him. I'd strongly prefer either Peter or Sam over Rob.

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