Saturday, February 28, 2009

FOBK first annual winter

The Friends of Boulder Knoll had their first annual winter celebration today. They shared their plans for the upcoming growing season, including the creation of a CSA. I think CSA stands for crop-sharing agreement. Basically, a professional farmer tends the crops with help from CSA members. Then over the course of the season you get crops on a weekly basis.

I'm sure the 40 slots will quickly fill. So if you're interested, you should act fast.

Here are the details:And here are the planned crops of which members will partake:The event was graciously hosted by Greg Melville.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"Basically a professional farmer tends the crops..."

What farmer in this town has the time to tend crops over at Boulder Knoll? Does anyone get what's involved with farming? It's a round the clock job.

Anonymous said...

Have they said who the "professional" farmer will be?

Old MacDonald said...

Unless they are growing poppy plants or cocoa....I don't get it. They should just do community gardens.

Anonymous said...

who is the pro-gardener, what are the qualifacations and how much is he making?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know of all the people that will walk away with baskets of veggies how many of them will have been actually picking their veggies & working in the field during the 90 degree hot humid summer? Or do they just write their check and then pick up their veggies? I'd also like to know how this program will benefit the harding working farmers in this town who have farm stands & try selling the veggies locally?