Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ruocco's response to the 2008 grand list

On Friday, Town Hall emailed the Council with information on the 2008 grand list. The email included a memo, significant changes and significant dollar amounts.

The following is Councilman Tom Ruocco's response to the information:

That seems like a healthy increase. Just keep a few things in mind:

The grand list does not reflect increases, or decreases, in personal incomes. Taxes are paid from income; not property values.

Many residents have taken salary freezes in their jobs (in the private sector) and layoffs are increasing.

Businesses are experiencing dropoffs in revenue as consumers become more frugal to deal with recession and salary freezes and job loss.

An increase in the grand list does not mean government should seize the opportunity to spend.

Rising values does not mean we have to raise taxes. Taxes are driven by spending. Let's keep spending level, or cut it to avert a tax increase.

The public has reached a breaking point - we have to show some leadership and take decisive measures that correlate with the economic times.

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I'm assuming that Councilman Spendthrift will ignore Tom's comments.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

They all better remember this is an election year.
I think all residents, democrats and republicans alike, will insist on no tax increase.
There will be a tax payer revolt in this town if the TC comes up with tax increase while many of us are having out pays frozen while everything else seems to go up.
They vote to increase taxes, we vote them out!

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no reason for an increase in property values. The valuations are totally bogus and are far from the real world.

Housing prices arre still plummeting and nothing is selling in Cheshire as all the asking prices are unrealistic and there are no buyers. The bulk of the few realestate transfers in Cheshire are local developers moving property out of their names into LLC's.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. Cut spending or raise taxes. Your choice Cheshire. Let your voices be heard...

Anonymous said...

How mush did vehicle valuation DECREASE this year?? It HAD to be significan