Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Questions for the Personnel Committee

I just sent the following email to the Personnel Committee Chairman, Matt Altieri:

Hi Matt,

I write to you as the Chairman of the Personnel Committee. I have two questions from constituents:

1) In relation to personnel issues, how much have the attorneys' fees been for the period from July 1 2007 to Dec 31 2008? And generally speaking, what have been the issues?

2) For the current fiscal year, what were the payraises given to non-union staff? I don't want to know any specifics, but I am wondering about "salary banding" changes. Also, it would likely be useful to know if there were other significant changes, such as the number of hours worked. For instance, if someone decreased his/her hours from 40 hours to 35 hours (or vice versa) - yet maintained the same salary - that would be of interest. Again though, I don't want to know any names. I'm just wondering about general changes in the non-union salary bandings.

Thanks for the help.


I've had several residents contact me recently about these issues. So hopefully we can all get some answers sooner rather than later. But hey... I started asking about the Town's two dozen take home vehicles a year ago... and we all know how much action has been taken on that front.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Rock on Tim! The Town Attorney's cut is of interest. That question "has merit".