Monday, February 02, 2009

Rell's budget comments and the Town budget

Tonight Governor Rell started setting the stage for her budget on Wednesday:
The Courant's Christopher Keating wrote this piece:

The legislature's nonpartisan fiscal office put the projected deficit for the current fiscal year at $1.35 billion -- or 7.9 percent of the budget. That is about $400 million higher than a projection by Rell's budget office only two weeks ago.

I won't be surprised in the least bit if the legislature cuts current year town funding before June 30. In that case, you can expect the town budget to get cut, particularly the capital non-recurring (CNR) line item in the budget. The CNR budget is spent public works projects, such as sidewalk improvements. And those projects may be getting planned right now, but the Town wouldn't have ordered cement, etc. So it's a relatively easy place to cut at the last minute.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

$1.35 Billion deficit and our Speaker is hiring a Press Secretary at $165,000 per year??
I know the first place they should cut. How will he handle all the flack he should be reciving?
There really is something wrong with our elected officials whodon't feel the need to cut the pork out of the budget when we are facing such a huge deficit.

Anonymous said...

They should make all the politicians fire their staff and work for nothing. We are going to be laying off teachers and cops around the state so the politicians can feather their nests.

Anonymous said...

Why spend the money for all these ads? They should just contact their Reps and Senators. That's a waste of their dues etc.