Thursday, March 20, 2008

TMs proposed staff increases

Here are the TMs proposed increases in staff:Personally, I'm concerned about an increasingly tough economy... one in which we'll almost certainly see less funding from the state. So I have to wonder about all these increases in staff.

As for the PD... FBI guidance is used. If I recall correctly, they recommend 2.1 officers for every 1,000 residents. So depending on whether you include the prison (which does impact the police) you can count 26,000 or 29,000 residents in town. Either way, the town's 48 sworn officers (4 mgt & 44 union) are fewer in number than the 55 to 62 as recommended by the FBI. As for whether adding two officers would reduce overtime costs, my understanding is that it would not. However, it would free up the "specialty" officers to perform their specialty roles. I think an example of a specialty role is a detective.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

another increase in "senior dispatcher"...are we running a senior center or a day care for seniors?

Anonymous said...

Without these people paying the taxes and having no need for the education system you better take another look at your comment.

Anonymous said...

where are they going to go?