Saturday, March 22, 2008

Open forum 3/22

I just got another oil bill: $3.94/gallon x 155 gallons = $610.94!!! And I don't even turn my heat up above 58F anymore! On the bright side though, I use Standard Oil. So at least I'm still getting oil. Nonetheless, the cost of oil is outrageous. And it's hitting everywhere.

I was buying some Easter flowers from Zentek's today and they're having to incorporate the cost of gas in their flowers now. And what's even worse, IMO... who thinks the price of gas is going to drop? Not a chance. It's only going to get worse.

I know the efficiency of ethanol doesn't yet make sense for widespread use, but it would be nice to see some more biodiesel available. By most accounts I've heard, biodiesel does make sense.

And for those of you who are interested in learning more about biodiesel (or any bioenergy) and the related costs and benefits, I learned of the bioenergy wiki at the renewable energy conference that I recently attended.

In other items of interest, according to the NHR:

"Police Chief Michael Cruess was hospitalized overnight Thursday, a department spokesman said Friday" (by Luther Turmelle).

Ned Bowman resigned from CT Innovations (by Luther Turmelle). Personally, I think it's a loss. CT Innovations has had major management problems for years and from what I could tell, Ned was making real progress.

And not from the NHR... just my own story... I saw Chris Murphy at Stop n Shop this afternoon. He had a line of people waiting to speak with him, so I didn't wait around. But I did speak to one of his staff and asked him to remind Chris about my #1 concern... addressing the solvency of the entitlement programs and America's disastrous fiscal policy. I just don't see how America can continue this charade of deficit spending in perpetuity. At some point, China is going to ask for reimbursement. Then what will we do?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"At some point, China is going to ask for reimbursement. Then what will we do?"

Won't happen. Then we stop buying Chinese goods and 100 million sweatshop workers get let go and riot against the Beijing regime

Tim White said...

That would only matter if something happened overnight, but I think it'll be a gradual shift over ten to 20 years. Over time, they'll start asking for more and more reimbursement. The result will be America cutting spending, raising taxes or hyperinflation. Again, it'll be gradual. But China's goal is not to dominate the world overnight. No. They're quite patient. So they'll be comfortable taking the time necessary to avoid mass rioting at home... as long as they see China rising in relation to America's decline.

Frankly, from the Chinese perspective, I think it makes sense. My problem is with our own government. I don't understand how they can all ignore the problem and still sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

well, Tim Secretary Chertoff has a new acronym "NIMTOF"...Not In My Term of OFfice

so I don't expect much, especially as your friend Murphy and his creepy friend Obama seem to think the laws of economics can be repealed if they get elected

Since you think the Chicoms are "patient", maybe they operate under the same rules?

Anonymous said...

At $3.94/gal people will start moving south.

Anonymous said...

A wish for a speedy recovery for Chief Cruess.