Saturday, March 29, 2008

Council members on the pool

You know how I feel about the pool... it wastes too much energy, the taxpayer subsidies are excessive and, just recently, I learned it's driving up the cost of education (By using all the natural gas available to it, it eliminates natural gas as a heating fuel option for CHS. In turn, the high school must switch its dual fuel heating system to oil at an unnecessarily high cost.). My solution is to either make it a summer facility or move forward with a permanent structure. But you know my thoughts.

So what are the thoughts of other Council members?

Here are a few comments from the past six months:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Put a permanent struture over the pool and look into solar panels for heating the water. Hurry up. The longer you 9 wait the more it will cost all of us.

Bill said...

The comment about the gas supply is incorrect. When Pan American Power did their study and proposal two years ago they worked with Yankee Gas in particular about the gas supply issue. At that time they proposed to install microturbines for the high school and one for the pool. According to Yankee Gas the gas supply and pressure was more than sufficient. The problem came in when the plan to install fuel cells at the pool and high school was brought forward. With the 5 or 6 fuel cells there was not enough gas supply or pressure. Please do not get the two proposals mixed up and the facts need to be corrected. If you don't you will make another incorrect decision.

tim white said...

If you don't you will make another incorrect decision.

an incorrect decision can only be made if a decision is made.

Seriously though... Bill... thanks for adding that. I certainly didn't recall those details.

Anonymous said...

At what point will thay make the correct decision?
I love how they all like to talk around the issue while we continue to pour almost a half million dollars a year into something that a small percentage of the town actually uses.
Sooner or later they will need to have some serious discussions on this topic or they all will be booted out in the next election. This town cannot continue to subsidize the pool while out education department is asking for large increases each year. Where will it end?