Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flip flop or rubberstamp?

(The question's about the Council majority, not the TM)

And for a visual reference to understand the discussion about why the rail trail is good for the majority now, but wasn't good two years ago (when they were coincidentally in the minority):

And for a bit more context on the Southington component, here's a link to Monday's MRJ rail trail article that led into yesterday's MRJ article on the trail.

By the way, I have to give huge props to the TM here. Despite the majority's valiant attempts at rubberstamping the Town Manager's earmark request for the linear trail, the TM strongly (and correctly) resisted taking direction from fewer than five Council members. I disagreed with the TM on requesting this earmark, but he was absolutely correct in resisting this not-so-uncommon display of the rubberstamp.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Mr Barry said it's "scenic". If you like to look at trees all the time. There are more important needs in both Towns than "Trails".

Anonymous said...

Seven miles of trails in Cheshire and Hamden. If you need to run,bike or walk more miles just do it two,three or four times. I don't think spending more money now to expand is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I would rather spend the money on the Trail and re-develop West Main St. then on Turf. The finishing of the trail would be a wonderful addition to our town.
There will always be "more important needs" but if they are wasting money on strategists and turf, then they can throw some towards the trail where more people in our town would take advantage of it. At the same time they re-develop areas to take advantage of the trail.