Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day 2010

No doubt to the dismay of some Advocates of Big Government, I'm alive and well! Haha...

I haven't had access to The Internets since Friday. Getting situated is proving to be somewhat complicated and time-consuming. But I'm confident everything will be fine within a couple weeks. Until then, I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing.

In the meantime, feel free to use this as an Election Night Open Forum. I know the pundits are saying the GOP will do well tonight... let's see what happens.

I cast my ballot before I left.

Of most interest to me isn't an election for an office. I'm wondering what's gonna happen with the five referenda.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Democracy is alive and well Tim....our neighbors to the north in Massachusettes voted the Dems back in and at the same time lowered the alcohol taxes...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mass. voters must have been on the bottle yesterday. Among other things, they narrowly elected Democrat Suzanne Bump as State Auditor.

Bump is an insurance lobbyist and career politician who hired a convicted murderer for a state job; the murder involved decapitation. And earlier this year, Bump was caught cheating on her taxes.

Mass. voters chose this hack over the GOP candidate, Mary Connaughton, a highly respected CPA who vowed impartial, non-political audits of state agencies.

These are some of the dangers of blind party voting and one-party rule.

Anonymous said...

to 6:15, yuk!

I googled up your story. Why is it these liberals love heinous murderers so much?

From the Boston Herald:
Gov. Deval Patrick's former labor secretary Suzanne Bump - now Democratic candidate for State Auditor - defended her hiring of a paroled killer who served 24 years for a Satanic cult slaying, hailing the ex-con's turnaround as a "success story."

"I consider Robin Murphy's story a success story and an indication that the system of rehabilitation and re-entry works," Bump said of hiring Murphy in 2009 to a job in the state unemployment bureau. The convicted murderer is still working for the Commonwealth for $41,000 a year.

(Sounds like something Esty or Nardello would do … not murdering, but rewarding murderers).