Friday, November 05, 2010

Remember, remember the fifth of November!

For those of you unaware of the quote, it comes from 17th century Britain.

A British citizen got disgusted with Parliament. So he prepared a load of dynamite and attempted to use underground tunnels to deliver the dynamite to a place directly below Parliament. He wanted to blow the place up. Unfortunately, he got caught along the way.


No, no... all joking aside... what he tried to do was wrong. But when I see the results of Tuesday's election... then see Ben Bernanke announce more "stimulus" and presumptive Speaker Boehner doesn't say a word... I get so disgusted. I just hope the 70+ new Republicans are clear with John and Mitch -- before the leadership votes -- that the policy of borrow and spend has got to stop.

Anyway... Happy Guy Fawkes Day! And if you want to learn a bit more about Guy Fawkes, you can pickup a copy of V for Vendetta at the Cheshire Public Library. It's my favorite movie and was also something of an inspiration for the Ron Paul 2008 movement... the same movement that gave birth to the Tea Party!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

As Sheehan High School senior Alicia Gansley stood at a Wallingford polling place Tuesday morning holding a “We Love Elizabeth” sign in support of state Rep. Elizabeth Esty, the candidate’s challenger, Al Adinolfi, walked by.

“I smiled at him. He looked at the sign and said, ‘You must love (Steven) Hayes and (Joshua) Komisarjevsky, too,’” said Gansley, who was outside Parker Farms Elementary School.

At first, she didn’t understand the reference to the men accused in the 2007 triple-murder in Cheshire.

“After it sunk in, I realized what he said and it hit me. I felt really, really offended,” said Gansley, 17.

She wasn’t alone.

Mansoor Alam, a 17-year-old Cheshire High School senior, said he was holding an “Elect Elizabeth Esty” lawn sign in front of the high school at about noon Tuesday, standing with other young Democrats from the high school.

Alam said he recognized Adinolfi, who walked up to him and, according to Alam, said, “I see we have a Hayes and Komisarjevsky sympathizer here.”

Adinolfi walked away from Alam, who was standing next to two other young volunteers.

“I was a little brought back. It took me a second. I had to gather my thoughts. We just let the anger dissipate,” Alam said.

Adinolfi, a former neighbor of Dr. William Petit Jr. and his late wife and two daughters, who were killed in the 2007 crime, favors the death penalty. Esty has been a lifelong opponent of the death penalty. Hayes was convicted on multiple counts, and a jury begins deliberations today on whether to sentence him to death. Komisarjevsky faces trial next year.

Reached at home Thursday evening, Adinolfi said the students must have misunderstood him.

“I was floating around to all different polling places. There were discussions going back and forth on the death penalty, but I don’t recall saying that to anyone,” said Adinolfi, a Republican who beat Democrat Esty 4,853 to 4,715. Adinolfi will return to the seat he held prior to Esty’s 2008 win.

Gansley said she views the Petit murders as violence against women, something she vehemently opposes. She was offended that Adinolfi would make such an accusation to her without knowing her.

She talked about her feelings Thursday because, “I didn’t want to be violent or silent.”

Ironically, an organization founded by Alam recently received a 2010 Petit Women Be the Change award.

Alam said it was “ridiculous” for Adinolfi to think that he supports Hayes and Komisarjevsky just because he supported Esty, and didn’t want Adinolfi to get away with making such comments. “He doesn’t know who I am or my values. Dr. Petit honored my work. I’ve lived in Cheshire all my life and I was completely affected by the home invasion.”

Esty said she was upset when she heard from her young volunteers and their parents about what had been said to them at the polls. “I was shocked. It’s not sour grapes. I’m upset for them and their parents,” she said.

But Adinolfi said that there were only “discussions going back and forth. I don’t recall saying that to anyone.”

Asked if he could have been misunderstood, Adinolfi responded, “Could be. It’s not my style. I don’t recall. If they misunderstood me, I’ll certainly apologize.”

Anonymous said...

2:45, you apparently copied and pasted a printed article here. Please cite the source and writer.

I'm sure that any such remarks Adinolfi made were reported out of context, ie: they were part of a back and forth conversation about the issues. I've never known Rep. Adinolfi to be anything but a gentleman, even with Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... well two separate high school students from two different schools had the same experience and reported it. Perhaps you should reassess whether Adinolfi is a "gentleman."

Anonymous said...

One person wrote this story and may have put his/her own spin on it. Cite source and writer please.

Anonymous said...

Saw this story in the NH Register. I dont believe it. The reporter wrote what two people CLAIMED Adinolfi said. Just because two different people at two locations claimed this, doesnt mean it happened. Two people working in the same campaign can collaborate a story. This is totally out of Al A's character.

Anonymous said...

Ask Esty and Hall why they went out of their way to falsely accuse three long time public servants of illegally changing term expiration dates on official town record. A lot of peope remember their smear attempt and that contributed to their demise in this election. When you knowingly smear people for political gain, it raises the questions of one's logic, decency and integrity.

So, before you support someone, learn who they really are.

cheshire RTC member said...

Dear Al,
I volunteered and voted for you and would do so again because issues are more important than personalities. But you do have a tendency to be abrasive and turn off people, even your friends. Please make the effort to pick and choose your fights and not blurt out everything that comes to mind. You will be more respected and effective if you do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those 2 high school students understood the ramifications of allowing representatives like Esty to overturn the death penalty.
I will give Elizabeth credit for sticking by her feelings, but that cost her the election. In this community, those murderers deserve nothing less than the death penalty.
I agree with others, it is totally our of Al's chracter to say things like that. I wonder if those 2 started up a conversation to get him going. One sided stories are not always the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Adinolfi lives across the street from the former Petit home. He was there that morning when the nightmare unfolded. He heard the girls screaming as they burned. So I give him a pass for his abrasiveness on this matter.

If these students had actually been there, or if they saw first hand the slicing and burning of babies (abortion) of which Ms. Esty is a leading advocate, perhaps they would have a different view of her, and better understand Mr. Adinolfi's feelings.

Anonymous said...

If you google up young Mr. Mansoor Alam, you will see that he is heavily involved with Democratic partisan politics including Malloy, Blumenthal, Esty, Hillary, and the Dem party. He may be involved in charity, but he's no Mother Theresa ... some of his charitable works are borderline political.

He has a political agenda, and he has likely spun his encounter with Adinolfi to suit political ends. There was probably a context to Adinolfi's remarks, such as a passing rhetorical comment in a discussion.

But like all liberals, these teens are well trained in adopting a victim stance. I notice Adinolfi has been called a "bully" in the NH Register, a word is often used in Mansoor's pages.

Anonymous said...

The blind loyalty to Al being exhibited by most of the people here is really sad and reflects poorly on those who make such comments.

If the situation was reversed and two of Al's teenaged volunteers had been on the receiving end of this comment from some Democrat, nobody would be saying that the New Haven Register misquoted the kids or that these young people need to get thicker skins. You'd all be only too happy to believe that this happened.

Al has always worked hard for his district in terms of constituent services, but as one of the few voices of reason said earlier, he been known to say some pretty outlandish things. So something like this is hardly "out of character."

We expect teenagers to show some impulse control as they grow into adults; shouldn't we expect the same thing of Al? These young people are top notch kids, the future of our town (in the case of the young man) and our state.

There were lots of people who live in the Petit's neighborhood and saw the fire and the aftermath of the home invasion.

That's no excuse for Al to say something so dispicable. And then to claim he "doesn't remember saying somthing like that." If he said it - and he regrets having made those kinds of remarks - then he should have admitted his mistake.

Anonymous said...

During the Halocaust, good German churchgoers would crank up the volume of their hymns as the freight trains went by, so they wouldn't hear the screams of the victims on the way to the gas chambers.

The first unholy commandment of modern Democrats is, "Thou shalt never prohibit abortion," no matter how inncocent the baby. Their second unholy commandment is, "Thou shalt never execute a murderer," no matter how guilty he is. This is pure cognitive dissonance.

Esty is an outwardly pleasant person, and Adinolfi can come across as less so. But Adinolfi hears the screams from the freight trains, while Esty lives in a world of left-wing cognitive dissonance which hears nothing, and imagines itself to be 'enlightened'.

Anonymous said...

Al will spend 2 years in Hartford doing nothing but padding his pension which we cannot afford will lose the next election and then go back to his republican poltical hack job he has now and more pensions we cannot afford
Al is a hack and his comments to those students show real character flaws

Anonymous said...

Al will spend the next two years in Hartford voting the will of his constituents including for fiscal sanity and criminal justice. Then he will be 78 and will probably choose not to run again. And who knows what the state House districts will look like after redistricting in 2012.

Anonymous said...

"Thou shalt never prohibit abortion," no matter how inncocent the baby. "

This is Not True. Abortions after so many months are not condoned.

If your against all abortions then you should start supporting birth prevention devices and medicines. You should also support all the social government programs to care for children born to poor families and single mothers. You can't force your religious views on abortion and family planning on everyone and ignore the other religious views, such as being your brother's keeper.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27
I would not prohibit all abortions, just the 97% that are abortions of convenience (less than 3% of abortions involve rape, incest, or life of mother).

Why do you assume Im against contraception or social services? You are WRONG on both counts. But then this is just an obfuscation from the real issue, that abortion is homicide.

The fact is that the Catholic church is the largest provider of social services in the world, and is a consistent advocate of government social services. And I disagree with their position on birth control, as do most Catholics.

As for pro-life being a 'religious' view, should we repeal laws against stealing and perjury just because they began as religious laws?

Like most pro-abortion liberals, you purport to be for the poor and defenseless, yet you practice cognitive dissonance when it comes to the most defenseless and innocent human beings, the pre-natal babies. Like the good German churchgoers…