Wednesday, November 03, 2010

2010 Referenda results

$425,000 Fire Dept breathing apparatus
YES 8800 73.99%
NO 3094 26.01%
Total votes 11894

$1.5m Road Repavement
YES 7196 62.48%
NO 4321 37.52%
Total votes 11517

$1m roof replacement
YES 6279 54.90%
NO 5159 45.10%
Total votes 11438

$570,000 Dodd kitchen renovations
YES 5960 51.84%
NO 5538 48.16%
Total votes 11498

$475,000 CHS track replacement
YES 4542 39.48%
NO 6962 60.52%
Total votes 11504

Here's a ten year history of Cheshire referenda results. And see here for a trend analysis of certain referenda.

I'm guessing the recent history of rejected recreation-related projects (2005 linear trail, 2010 pool, 2010 track) will be taken into consideration by the Council when the turf comes to a vote.

With regard to the track, I'm uncertain what will happen with the $150,000 previously appropriated. My guess is that it'll be used to perform ongoing maintenance... or the Council could probably defund all or some of the appropriation... before it gets used on other projects "related to the track." Wouldn't be surprised if David Schrumm already knows the answer to that.

It's also notable that the Dodd kitchen renovations weren't given any sort of massive support, while roads were given pretty strong support.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I guess a lot of people went to see the track and found it was in
pretty good shape. I think people in town would like their property maintained, rather than letting it deteriorate and replace everything. Now that the people have voted, the BOE or whoever is responsible should buy some caulk and take a few days to fill cracks.

Check out

click on do-it-yourself, then track.

Maybe, some of the people working on the turf, could do this and get some repair and maintenance experience.

Anonymous said...

Note the % voting yes on Question 1 and how it steadily declines for questions 2 thru 5. In fact, this was a consistent trend across all 7 polling locations.