Sunday, November 07, 2010

Moody: Control the information, forget the transition

I recall quite clearly the outrage toward the Bush Administration for controlling the flow information from the White House to the public. I think it was noticeable to me during the "accidental release" of information regarding Valerie Plame.

Now we see the Rell Administration, particularly her Chief of Staff Lisa Moody, being publicly chastised for contolling information as they've prohibited all staff from speaking with a new administration:

Moody is renowned among Rell's administrators for insisting on knowledge and control of even small details, and for heavily managing the image and message of the administration.

"This is a completely unnecessary artificial roadblock to the transition, whoever the governor is," Lawlor said. "Obviously the governor's chief of staff has a history of keeping all the agencies on a very short leash, and this gets in the way of good government.

Some information should be kept confidential. But the way some people would like control information is ridiculous. Transparency and good government matter.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I have always thought that it would be a cold day when I gave you a "thumbs up." Let the record show that not only is it cold today, it even snowed! ;-)

But in all seriousness, you are right to offer a non-partisan criticism of Governor Rell's Chief of Staff, Lisa Moody. She is an over-the-top partisan and again her actions run up against ethical and legal guidelines. And, this is NOT the first time her actions have done so! In fact, the Governor was forced to discipline her in an incident some months back.

You do good when you call them as you see them, without regard for party allegiance or affiliation.

Anonymous said...

got to give Tom credit for always standing on principle and criticizing Democrats AND Republicans alike when they fail to meet those principles.

Cheshire's loss is Haiti's gain in terms of his safeguarding the charity's accounts!

Anonymous said...

that's "got to give TIM credit..."