Sunday, November 21, 2010


Last night I had a raging fever. I spent most of today in bed. I'm generally weak and ache all over. I was told these are the symptoms of malaria. Great.

I'll go to the clinic tomorrow and find out what it is. Until then, I'm ok. Whatever it is feels like an intense flu. So it's just sleep and drink lots of water today.

Assuming I'll be ok, the bummer for me is falling behind in my chem class again. But that coulda happened just as easily in Cheshire.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! Hope your next post tells us all that you're ok.

Anonymous said...

OMG, malaria !! this is above and beyond the call of duty. get the right medicine and get well soon. praying for you.

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Malaria? Good heavens Tim, I hope you're okay. If you feel well enough, post a note to let us know how the visit to the clinic today went. Good luck with Chemistry (I love the subject, but flunked Chem anyway).

- David

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tim white said...

thanks all. blood test taken today. will get results tomorrow. Of the two likely options:


dengue fever

I'll take malaria.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Your last post worried me enough and now this is just too much. Please keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Tim, if this is dengue fever, please get top medical treatment, in the states if necessary. This can be life threatening if not treated right. Let's all PRAY ... Jesus, divine healer, protect, heal, strengthen and guide Tim.

Anonymous said...


It's Danielle. Please let us know if you're ok.

Anonymous said...

Tim’s father here. My wife and I just got off the phone with Tim. He’s going to be OK but is still weak and in need of sleep. He was hospitalized for three days and given chloroquine daily to combat the malarial parasites in his blood. He also was given two IVs because he was badly dehydrated. He was still in the hospital when we talked just now, but he may go home tomorrow in time for aThanksgiving dinner by the staff of his organization, The Haitian Health Foundation.

The first signs of malaria began last Saturday, with a high fever. He stayed in bed and tried to sleep, but couldn’t due to nausea and fever. On the second night, he was so sick that he called the hospital (clinic). They sent a car over to pick him up because he was too weak to walk.

He was put on the anti-malarial regimen, and a blood test confirmed malaria. We stayed on top of the situation as best we could by speaking with HHF people here (in the Norwich, Connecticut headquarters) and there (in the hospital in Jeremie, Haiti). It was a relief to hear from Dr. Jeremiah Lowney, the founder, that malaria is treatable and his staff know well how to do that. He said his wife has had malaria twice, and she still goes with him to Haiti several times a year. Some World War Two guys I know got malaria in the South Pacific, and it stayed with them right up to now. However, they didn’t have any decent treatment then. So my wife and I are feeling more assured about Tim’s recovery. Prevention is basically using a strong insect repellent. Mosquitoes carry the parasite and transmit it to people when they bite.

There’s still cholera to be concerned about, however. It has come to Jeremie, and Sister Maryanne, Tim’s boss and an RN, said that it’s only getting started now and is sure to get worse.

Nevertheless, I intend to visit Tim in February. He himself will be home briefly at Christmas, en route to the West Coast for a meeting.

John White

Anonymous said...

Thank you John for that update.
And thank You God for the gifts of modern medicine and for delivering Tim. A stark reminder that Tim's service to the poor really is selfless and bears much risk and cost.