Monday, November 15, 2010

Electricity, cholera, unrest and breadfruit

As I mentioned yesterday, I am getting situated. Still trying to figure out the schedule for city power though. It would make my life -- basically my studies -- a lot easier if I knew the schedule. My backup plan, such as my laptop battery, only lasts so long. I'll try to figure that out at some point, but in the meantime... it is what it is. But my years of scouting are helpful in such situations. One must be prepared.

Now on an entirely different topic...

At work today there was some discussion regarding protests in a different town in Haiti: Cap Haitien. I was wondering what was happening. Perhaps some civil unrest as the November 28 Presidential election approaches?

By the time I got out of work, I found out. CNN is reporting that there's some serious civil unrest related to the cholera outbreak:

In Cap Haitien, schools and banks were closed, residents set fire to tires at entrances to the town and gunfire ricocheted through the streets, residents and officials told CNN.

Thankfully, Cap Haitien is nowhere near Jeremie. But... who knows where these things lead. And if you read the report, you'll probably agree that it doesn't look good for certain people.

And on one last entirely different topic... I'm really liking some of the local fare. The breadfruit is good and seems to be a staple. I'd never heard of it before I got here, but they cook it a million different ways. And some of it is really tasty. They make a great alternative to sunday morning, diner-style hash browns.

As for photos, my camera is malfunctioning. I'm hoping to get one when I visit CT at Christmas. Until then, I won't be able to provide many photos.

Tim White

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