Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010: Toss the so-called "leadership," end the corruption; vote for Kathy Brown

I sent the following letter to the Herald. I'm hoping it's published tomorrow.

To the Editor:

Thank you to the many people who have extended their best wishes as I begin my charitable work in Haiti. Before I leave, I wish to invite my neighbors to vote to end the systemic corruption in Hartford.

Rep. Mary Fritz’s son gets a no-show job supervising the I-84 storm-drains-to-nowhere. Sen. Tom Gaffey double bills the state for expenses and gets a $1 Billion no-strings-attached grant for his lobbyist girlfriend. To say that these corrupt incumbents need to go is to state the obvious.

Then there are incumbents like Rep. Vickie Nardello who, while personally decent, are enablers of corruption. Her silence on the likes of Fritz and Gaffey makes her complicit. Nardello is part of the leadership in Hartford. She represents business-as-usual and she needs to go.

Kathy Brown is a refreshing alternative. She’ll work to end corruption, restore good government, and balance the budget. Please join me in voting for Kathy Brown for 89th district Rep.

Tim White


redtown said...

Hi Tim from Prospect!
Glad you arrived safely in Jeremie, Haiti. Looking forward to reading about your work there. My church sponsors three orphanages in Haiti, and your works of mercy are so important.

I first met you 4 years ago when you knocked on my door in Prospect when you ran for the 89th seat. You knocked on EVERY door in Prospect, Bethany, and So/West Cheshire in 2006, and you got 45% of the vote. Too bad you’re not our state Rep now!

Thanks for this letter to the Herald. Like you say, Vickie Nardello is not personally corrupt, but she’s part of the CORRUPT SYSTEM. She’s the same-old, same-old, and she needs to go.
Lets vote for CHANGE on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Esty needs to go too.
Talk to everyone we know
to VOTE this Tuesday.

tim white said...

Speaking of Rep. Esty, she surprised me more than anyone else this election season. I was dumbfounded when I saw she rejected the weekly, taxpayer-funded, incumbent mailers. I couldn't believe it.

I applaud her for that. Frankly, the flyers would be more palatable if they didn't include names / photos of legislators... the corrupt Gaffey and the soft-on-corrupt-legislators Nardello could learn something from their junior colleague.

It would be great for CT if those two get the boot on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Mary Fritz and Eliz Esty are two excellent candidates and deserve re-election. The work hard for their people and have done a great job for the 103rd and 90th. Their opponents have not made any case at all for sending them out. Matt Hall is another candidate that would be very worthy of a vote. He was an excellent Chair of the Council in Cheshire and is a very honest and respected man. There may be many here who will try say very negative things-that should be ignored. Vickie Nardello is a very well respected women who has done an outstanding job of representing Cheshire and Prospect. So ignore the gremlins and vote for the hard working candidates such as Fritz, Esty, Hall and Nardello

Anonymous said...

October 28, 2010 8:38 PM

Please not Matt Hall. He's too close to the realtors and developers. The probate court is an early source of valuable realestate information, and we don't need any conflicts of interest as occurred in Southington.

Anonymous said...

Mary Fritz, Eliz Esty, and Vickie Nardello do not deserve re-election. Their taxaholic and spendaholic policies have driven Conn. to the brink of bancrupcy.

Fritz is more concerned with lining her family's pockets, while Esty and Nardello are out of touch with Cheshire people on a range of issues. Their opponents have made good cases for replacing them.

Matt Hall has too many conflicts of interest to be a probabte judge. He was a mediocre Chair of the Council who would have been voted out had he run last year.

There are some here who say you should ignore these facts about Fritz, Esty, Nardello, and Hall. But ask yourself, is Conn. better off now than we were two or four years ago? Or is it time for a change?

Anonymous said...

All I need to know is that Esty votes her conscience instead of what the people want...Vote esty out of office

Anonymous said...

Question to Ms. Esty & Ms Nardello,
Where you both favor abolishing the death penalty, do you still want to make it retroactive so SH and JK would be commuted to lifetimes of top medical care, recreation, and other 'civil rights'?

Now it comes out that SH raped his victim AFTER he strangled her. Then they both set the two girls on fire. I want to vomit.

Yes, I agree that Esty and Nardello are "out of touch" with Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

One can really trust Matt Hall, Eliz Esty and Vickie Nardello. They are bright and thoughful and have always done what is in the best interest for Cheshire. There is no question that they are honest and hardworking and have great reps. in town. The only thing to do is vote them back in and support them.

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to these criticisms of Matt Hall, Eliz Esty and Vickie Nardello. They know better than you, and have always done what is in their best interests.

For example, Hall is cozy with real estate developers, and Nardello is part of the Hartford legislative leadership.

But they care for the little people too. Esty and Nardello want to be compassionate to criminals.

There is no question that they are beholden to special interests and the leftwing agenda. The only thing to do is stop questioning and vote them back in.

Anonymous said...

As you can see the support here on this blog is growing for Matt Hall, Eliz Esty and Vickie Nardello. It is great to see that in our democracy that decent, well educated people who will do the right thing for Cheshire are honored and respected. You can certainly trust these folks as well as Mary Fritz to be there for our town

Anonymous said...

Democrats will be shocked by Tuesday's results, by the loss of many seats thought to be safe. They have underestimated the huge undercurrent of resistance to their extreme leftwing program. Even half of Democrats nationally want to dump Obama in 2012, according to an AP poll.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see on blogs like this and all through the country support for people like Matt Hall. Eliz Esty Vickie Nardello and all the Democratic ticket. The people who read this blog are supporting all these fine folks and that is great to see. This is a fine Pro Democract blog and it is great to see the support for all the Democrats in Cheshire and in Ct

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that there are blogs like this to go to that support Matt Hall, Eliz Esty, Mary Fritz, Vickie Nardello, Tom Gaffey and all the great candidates
It is a great thing