Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Death Penalty repeal to be introduced

State Rep. Gary Holder Winfield plans to introduce legislation to
repeal the death penalty. And Guv-elect Malloy has said he'll only sign DP repeal legislation that allows for the execution of the Cheshire murderers.

But here's the thing, as soon as that legislation gets introduced... it's going to be used by all the death row inmates as cause to repeal their death sentences.

So maybe Rep. Vickie Nardello won't feel compelled this term to reintroduce her own legislation to repeal the death penalty? Maybe she'll just lobby behind-the-scenes hoping that Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect forget about her real goal to repeal the death penalty retroactively?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous that this state could elect a governor who would want to repeal the death penalty when one of the most gruesome murder cases in the history of this state is being tried. Who really believes him when he says that these 2 would get the death penalty regardless of whether or not it is repealed?
What happens next time a murder is caught red handed leaving a home of a triple murder and sexual assault of a minor? Let those animals live??

It is bad enough to hear Ulmann saying that the Petit family should not have been allowed to sit in the front row each day at court. He feels that swayed the jury. Hello?? What about the pictures of Jennifer Petit dead on the floor and burned beyond recognition? What about the pictures of the 2 young girls tied to their beds and burned? Don't you think that may have swayed the jury?
Mr. Ulmann and Mr. Malloy, do you have a conscience? If you did, then you would want justice served.

It is sickening the way Ulmann continues to rant in the media.

Anonymous said...

Tim said:
as soon as that (repeal) legislation gets introduced, it's going to be used by all the death row inmates as cause to repeal their death sentences.

They're already doing it. Lawyers for Todd Rizzo, the sledgehammer killer who murdered a child for "thrills", argued before the state supreme court in Oct. that Rizzo should not be executed because the last legislature voted to repeal the DP (even though Gov. Rell vetoed that bill). Fortunately, one common-sense justice pointed out that the DP was still the law.

Anon 1051 said:
Mr. Ulmann and Mr. Malloy, do you have a conscience? If you did, then you would want justice served.

The liberal Beautiful People oppose the DP so they can imagine themselves to be more compassionate, moral, and enlightened than the rest of us. Yet they have no problem with butchering of a million babies a year. Compulsive liberalism is a cognitive dissonance, a mental illness.

Speaking of Beautiful People, I'll bet that Vickie Nardello tries to get Cheshire removed from her district so she won't have to deal with us law-n-order rabble any more.

Anonymous said...

This morning the judge formally sentenced Steven Hayes to death. There is NO GOOD REASON why Hayes should not be executed on the date set, May 11, 2011. Appeals need take no longer than five months in this case where there is NO DOUBT of his guilt. Except for the spurious tactics of liberal lawyers lining their pockets, this sentence would be executed promptly.

Mychals Prayer said...

It was most distressing to hear Dr. Petit say today that he has considered suicide many times since 2007. We can’t begin to know the grief he carries with him. He has also said that he and his family draw great strength from their Christian faith.

People often ask, where is God when bad things happen? Why doesn’t God prevent them from happening?

Here I would challenge Christians, including myself, to more deeply embrace the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection.

By voluntarily submitting to the most torturous death imaginable, God through Christ inserted Himself into every circumstance of human suffering. Wherever there is grief and suffering, God is personally present that we may find Him there.

And that’s not all. Through His resurrection (which happened literally and supernaturally), Christ demonstrated that suffering and death are not the end of the story, that there really is an eternal heaven in which all the sorrows of this world will pale to the full vision of God Who is unconditional Love and great joy.

We are not human beings having spiritual experiences; rather, we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We need to take faith that what happened that night in 2007 is not the end of the story. With God’s help, we will heal and be made whole, in this life and the next.

Jennifer, Hayley, and Michaela are in heaven now, no doubt about it; they have been fully healed of their trauma. From their saintly place, these Christian women want their family and all of us to be healed. So let’s continue to pray for Bill Petit, his family, and ourselves, that we will be made whole in the light of God’s love.

Anonymous said...

Do we sing a hymm next? This is not about rapping "liberals" and what church you may or may not go to. It's "an eye for an eye," pure & simple! These two should surely die for what they did.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:14. Liberal lawyers and legislators have skewed the system too much in favor of the guilty. There is no question of their guilt, so 20 years of appeals does not serve justice. This is a just sentence and it should be carried out in one year max.

I also appreciate Mychals Prayer's comments. Though he does not discuss the death penalty, he does address Dr. Petit's shocking admission that he has considered suicide. Maybe we'd all be better off if we prayed a little more for each other.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with whether your a liberal or not. I consider myself a liberal in many respects but I feel that these two should be executed. The real problem here is the lawyers who want fame and fortune. This week Hayes stated that he welcomes dealth-Well what's wrong with granting his wish. It's his lawyers and only his lawyers who will not let that happen.