Sunday, November 07, 2010

Nov 9 Council meeting

I understand that the meeting will include discussions on two state grants:

1) $525,000 for artificial turf

2) $100,000 for West Main sidewalks
(phase 3)

I have no idea if there will be nine Council members at the meeting.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Since the voters didn't approve the track, it's a good idea to reestimate the cost of the turf.

It appeared that the reason to replace the track at the same time was that there were cost savings for the turf. Let's have a stand alone cost for the turf.

Can anyone explain why the cost of the track went from $150,000 to $475,000. Something doesn't smell good.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't appear to be anything on the 11/9 agenda regarding turf or sidewalks.

Anonymous said...

let me get this right
Schrumm and Slocum and the boys and girls campaigned on "there is no more money in Hartford' then vote for 100 k for street money
but they roadblock the turf bc it may have long term costs/
Yea dave very consistant
If it is for lin trail or anything but schools it is ok
Nov 11 can't come soon enough

Tim White said...

Did turf and sidewalks both get a vote? What were the final vote counts? Did anyone get appointed to the fourth district?