Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jeremie's energy supply & the Adinolfi vacancy

I think Jeremie has largely run out of fuel at this point. The sole propane distributor sold out by last weekend. And the city power company -- whose generator runs on gasoline -- seems to have shut down electricity for the city tonight. So not sure how much longer I'll actually be able to blog. But I've heard reports that there's serious work happening to reopen the road to Aux Cayes. If open, proper fuel trucks could pass the canyons.

On the other hand, while that would be great for getting fuel and all sorts of other neat stuff -- like functioning automobiles and lights -- it is a double-edged sword. As of this afternoon, Jeremie was still officially without cholera. And while I'm certain that'll change soon... the longer it takes, the better.

But I'm still blogging tonight, so...

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reported on the Justin Adinolfi vacancy. The two names mentioned were Matt Altieri and Patti Flynn Harris. Of those two, my guess would be PFH getting the appointment for a variety of reasons. But the more interesting thing to me is who is not mentioned: Elizabeth Esty.

As I mentioned before, if she doesn't get appointed to the Council... then I bet she's seriously leaning toward a run for the CT-5. On the other hand, she's been a big supporter of Governor-elect Malloy. So who knows... maybe she'll get offered a job in his administration? I believe her professional background has been at the intersection of law and the environment, including work for the Natural Resources Defense Council at some point. And if you haven't heard of the NRDC, they're one of the ten biggest environmental NGOs in the country. The Nature Conservancy is the biggest, followed by NRDC, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Audubon Society et al.

So maybe the DEP? I'm not sure. But whether there will be any high-level openings at the DEP, is only a guessing game. And while I'm guessing most political appointees will soon be gone, I think the environmental community tends to like Jodi's appointee at the DEP (can't recall her name). So that may be one person who Gov. Malloy will keep??

It'll be interesting to see which legislators make the move between branches.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

wow Tim, you really are in a third world country, stay safe and healthy, and don't drink the water!

The choice between Patti Flynn Harris and Altieri would seem obvious given the latter's baggage. But hey, who am I to suggest the Dems don't shoot themselves in the foot?

Anonymous said...

Altieri would be a poor choice; he is too political and one sided. Patti Flynn Harris has proven herself on P&Z as an individual that applies common sense to her decision making.