Thursday, December 02, 2010

Same old, same old legal corruption

In October, Rep. Vickie Nardello explained the funding of Mary Fritz' beloved slush funds to me:

The contingency funds account existed in the years 06-09. In those four years 26 million dollars was spent. It was funded from surplus dollars in the annual budget. The expenditure of the money was determined by the Governor, Speaker of the House, and Senate President.

She continued by noting that Fritz' slush funds no longer exist:

There is no longer any money in the account and it did not receive funding in FY 10 or 11.

And she concluded by assuring me that:

I would not support funding this account in the future.

Well Rep. Nardello, the future is here.

According to CT Capitol Report, here are just a few of the places where the current slush fund will be directed on December 10 when The Rubber Stamp Bonding Commission members earns their salary by robbing the taxpayers blind spending money we don't have:

CPTV to get $1 million check from state..
Williams gets $3.75 million for Putnam YMCA...
$275,000 for fence in Hartford...
$950,000 for New Haven...
$500,000 for ski resort...
$350,000 for Hartford Regional Farmer's market...
$100,000 for Norwich museum; 'beautiful Romanesque Revival home'...
$700,000 for Montville police station...

If I were in CT, rest assured I'd be at that Bonding Commission meeting and personally questioning Governor Rell about the benefit to society for all these projects. I mean, how ridiculous is this? No, no, I'm sure this has "nothing" to do with a few last minute favors being paid back on the way out the door. Right?

But in fairness to The Loved One, Williams and Donovan are complicit in this scheme to cheat the taxpayers.

Donovan, Rell and Williams are obnoxious. Their blatant disrespect for the taxpayers, as they thumb their noses at us, is despicable. They know the budget is in horrendous shape, yet they continue trying to buy votes and popularity.

Have they no shame?

And considering that Rep. Nardello said she wouldn't support these funds, I wonder if she'll be attending the December 10 Bonding Commission meeting to fight this pilfering of the treasury? Ha. She's a player, just like Fritz and Gaffey. They all need to go.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Speaking of no shame, why don't we mention our shameless Governess, who before exiting, is rewarding some of her cronies with state jobs. I'm no fan of the Courant or the Tribune Corp., but their editorial today says it all!

Anonymous said...

So Vickie Nardello publicly lied to us?
I'm shocked!!

Tim White said...

I doubt Nardello lied. I think she asked the administration for an answer... and that's what she was told. The bigger concern for me is that it's a classic example of elected officials just drinking the kool aid.

The same thing happens in Washington all the time. Someone suggests cutting a particular line item in the budget and his / her phone rings off the hook until they flip because they "just didn't understand" the "grave" nature of the proposal.

And it happens in Cheshire. For more than a year the previous Council was told there were no problems at the PD... and the DPW mgt was capable... but I always do my best at critical thinking... rather than just drinking the kool aid as the previous Council did.

Far too many elected officials prefer to simply drink the kool aid, rather than have some sort of thought process independent of their related administration.