Monday, March 29, 2010

Some 2008 history on my CPD comments

Last October the issues at the CPD became quite public, though regulars here already had an idea that there was trouble brewing. I detailed a 2009 history in this post, but never dug back to 2008.

Lately though there's been a lot of discussion about the CPD issues as a result of the whitewashing of the consultant fact-finder report and resulting FOI requests*, including:

1) Who knew what? and;
2) When did s/he know it?

To answer those questions, I offer this post to challenge suggestions by staff that these issues only became known in September 2008.

I first began trying to address the issues at the CPD in March 2008. And I did it privately because I felt that was best. But by May 2008, I realized my private efforts were in the fast lane to nowhere. So I began commenting here on TWL.

You can see a comment from me in May 2008 and a comment from me in June 2008. And it was no later than July / August 2008 when I had a very frank discussion with the TM. Unfortunately, I got the all-too-typical response - anger and defiance. The same response that - having seen it numerous times - made me eventually come to the realization that he had created a hostile work environment in Town Hall... a work environment that no one should have to tolerate.

With regard to the hostile work environment, here are some comments from me in August 2009 when I opposed the contract extension of the TM:

As for why the current Council tolerates this misbehavior by Management... I'm not sure. Perhaps you could ask the Council leadership?

Tim White

* I still have no idea what the Council was thinking when they decided to do this.

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Anonymous said...

great job pushing the issue - couldn't even make it to an executive meeting just for this issue. You are not helping the issue at all. Time for you to quiet down and let the adults handle this