Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sam Caligiuri at Meatball Madness

Congressional candidate Sam Caligiuri attended Meatball Madness last Friday.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Who's the clown in the backgound?

Tim White said...

Corey Nash.

Anonymous said...

What has Sam Caligiuri actually accomplished in his political career other than being at the wrong place, at the right time in Waterbury when Giordano got caught with his pants down?

Seriously...Sam seems like a nice enough person but what has he done?

Anonymous said...

He was the one politician in Hartford willing to tell everyone they were driving off the budget cliff in 2007. Mind finding any similar political courage in any of his opponents?

Anonymous said...

1:29 PM

A Democrat super majority in Htfd. has had ample opportunity to screw things up, and they have big time. Meanwhile, Sam has been elected despite a state that seems ready to re-elect the D's everytime they come up for re-election.

Sam is fiscally responsible in an atmosphere he has little control over. You see the voters have helped create this mess in Hartford and Sam is ready to help us help ourselves. You should be asking what has Chris Murphy done for us?

He has voted for O'bama-care, windmills and green jobs (where are all the green jobs?, castigated the state's insurance and pharma businesses with reckless abandon and kissed Pratt & Whitney goodbye while cowing to union pressure. Sam won't do that.

Tim Slocum