Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reorganizing the TMs Office

If I'm unable to find five votes to hold the line on spending and defund the position of Personnel Director / Assistant Town Manager, I have another idea to reign in the spending in the TMs office.

Reorganize it.

Starting here:I'm thinking that the Council could eliminate two positions:

1) Personnel Director / Assistant Town Manager - $105,000 / year
2) Executive Assistant / Public Information Officer - $66,000 / year + overtime

And create two new positions with:

1) Chief of Staff - $70,000 / year
2) Executive Secretary - $44,000 / year + overtime

That small change would provide a savings of $57,000.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, get over your rage against the town manager. You can climb the barricades but no one is following.
Get a hobby or a girl friend.

Anonymous said...

What will that solve? Neither position that you plan to "eliminate" will actually be gone. All you are doing is retitleing it and lowering the pay. I doubt that the people in these postions will willingly take a $20,000 to $50,000 pay cut and continue to do their jobs. Have you considered what the unemployment costs and possible litigation will cost the town? If either or both total more than your $57,000 projected savings than it is a waste of time and money to even consider. The only time to do so is when the current employee either retires or leaves on his/her own accord. Would you stay at your job if you were told that you would have to take a 33% pay cut but do the same job with a new title? Titles mean nothing. You can call a pile of shit priceless but in the end, it's still a pile of shit

Anonymous said...

Tim's ideas do make a good point. Both the town side of the budget and the 60 million on the school side could be rearranged and create savings and efficiency. Just because money is spent in certain areas for all this time doesn't mean it's the best way to spend it today.
For example on the boe side - if money was reduced from the administrative salary acct (say for some VP's at CHS)it could be redirected to areas of more need.

Anonymous said...

speaking of bridges
Good thing we did not listen to Schrumm and we fixed the culvert to the 10 mile river
Another great schrumm idea-don't fix it then lets have it flood again
Bad ideas=Schrumm

tim white said...

11:00am... the reorg idea will not be implemented between now and the budget vote... but it could be a long-term option. For the short run, the only likely cost savings options in the TMO are to defund the PD/ATM position or to eliminate OT.

Anonymous said...


P & Z Commission has nothing to do.
No activity due to the severe recession.

Previous news :

Assistant Town Planner leaving to go to industry job.

Personnel Director, Mr. Zullo: "we have plenty of applicants for the job. We should be able to fill it lickety-split."


Let's use some basic common sense and logic. If there's nothing going on in planning/development and an employee gives you THE GIFT of quitting, then DON'T fill the position.

Have the Town Planner work a little harder and/or hire a part-time assistant planner with, guess what?, NO EMPLOYEE BENEFITS.

Does this make sense? Tell me where I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

TIMMMMMMEY so glad to see you are saving the town again-Where would we all be without you, our fearless elected leader? So proud to have you on our side. Will you be applying for the TM job? If so, will you still keep this informative blog? I really enjoy the videos and commentary-maybe you should go into journalism-better idea-combine the underground town hall blog with yours-that way I could have some great toilet reading while I am dropping a duece. tiMMMMEYYYYYYYYYYYY

Anonymous said...

Grow up....
I haven't seen you leave 1 comment here that will tell us how you will get the town out of the mess the dems left us in.
Come on, you must have 1 idea.

Your juvenile remarks are getting old here.

Anonymous said...

How is defunding different than eliminating? Defunding means you want to stop paying for it and, in essence, get rid of which happens to mean eliminate.

We cannot simply stop paying someone for working. To defund a position you would have to get the employee to agree to take a pay cut and/or fire the employee. I do not know of anyone willing to take a $35,000 pay cut to do the same amount of work nor would I think that firing someone making that much would result in a savings. Simply put, defunding would only work when we need to replace the current employee.

On the other hand, if we were to consider cutting the starting pay for every position by 20% or to minimum wage, (whichever is higher) we can reign in costs and provide an instant savings to every tax payer in town.

Anonymous said...

I hope 10:44 drops his laptop down the toilet when he is reading the blogs and the toilet overflows and ruins his house.

Anonymous said...

The culvert problem was spending $250,000 of the taxpayers money to fix a problem on private property. I could agree with questioning that. Buyer beware!!

Anonymous said...

Cut his budget and let him figure out what to do. This might not happen this year but it might next year. Control the money....

Anonymous said...

In this technical computer age staff working for the town and school system should be cut. Tasks that in the past that took days to complete’ are now done in seconds.
Staff has gone up not down; total mis-management. Cheshire is approaching New Haven; hire friends and create positions, the more the staff makes the more management can demand for their own salary. Florio and Milone should go. We do not need to decrease class sizes or cut teachers we need to get rid of all these Assistant Managers, Assistant Superintendents, and Assistant Principals.

Anonymous said...

The reality of the situation is that Tim has shown that he is completely biased on issues related to the TM office and can not be relied upon to make a objective or reasoned decision in regards to it. Just reclassify the job and drop the pay? Great, we will eliminate police officers, reclassify them as security experts and drop their wages by $20,000.00. We can reclassify Public Works employees as Road Maintence employees and drop the pay by $15,000.00. Sewer plant workers become waste water consultants and the wage is dropped by $10,000.00. Librarians become information speicalist and pay is dropped by $5,000.00. Anyone see why this may not work? Is this really supposed to be realistic?
Tim, it is hard to take you seriously on any issue, and on some you have valid points, when you have allowed yourself to become so blinded and unreasonable.

Tim White said...

1:10... The position of TM is a political appointment. For you to conclude I am completely biased (and presumably ineligible to pass judgment) is to conclude that members of Congress and US Senators are biased toward White House officials.

As for your suggestion that I may want to arbitrarily change titles and compensation for every other job in Town Hall... that's not the case.