Saturday, March 06, 2010

A GOP fault line

Did anyone notice the MRJ article that showed a difference between me and my esteemed colleague, Councilman David Schrumm?

I said the TM screwed up bigtime again. In his all-too-typical fashion, the TM chose to not disclose information to the Council. In this case, it was the suspension of the Cheshire Police Union President.

On the other hand, David defended the TM for not bombarding the Council with information.

For those of you who are interested, this is actually part of a much bigger difference between me and David.

My view is that staff should be held accountable. Frankly, I'd prefer doing that in private. But if I can't find the Council support necessary to ensure staff will behave appropriately, then I'll use the bully pulpit to get action.

I think David's worldview is quite different... and frankly, similar to that of the TM. It's a school of thought that believes if your subordinates screw up, then people will think you screwed up. Therefore, you can never acknowledge an error on the part of a subordinate. Unfortunately, this leads to a situation in which people enter denial and start to cover up reality... as is the case with the whitewashing of the problems at the CPD.

Tim White


Anonymous said...


Not sure we're dealing with differences in a "world" view. Differences in opinions maybe but lets not glorify this issue and the subjects now embroiled in the mess.

Also of interest...which article are you relating to in the MJR regarding these distictions of world view.

Finally, in a townwide election who would win in a head to head...Tim White vs David Schrumm?

I vote David...his view includes much more than rancker and hatred for management figures.

Tim White said...

It was on the front page of the MRJ a few days ago.

I'm not trying to glorify anything. Just trying to give people another perspective on the workings of the Council.

As for me running against David... I never have and can't imagine it would ever happen.

As for "hatred," I have none. I just want good government and firmly believe that the changes in Town Government should not end with last fall's election. Keep in mind the unanimous vote by the PD. And what about hotWatergate? And the Personnel Director failed in mediating the PD conflict.

At what point does one connect the dots and address the real problem?

Anonymous said...


You need to drop your rantings against the Town Manager. If you had to, you could never sit fairly in judgement of him, because of the clear bias that you have shown publicly on numerous occasions. As a citizen of this town, I would expect you to recuse yourself, because your impartiality would be highly doubtful. You have to stop trying to throw your weight around, because you have very little. You are only one vote of nine and I don't see the other eight having your extremely narrow and stilted "world view."

Anonymous said...

Tim sometimes you have to choose if you are going to fall on your sword over something. It appears this is it for you. That is why you were elected, people know that about you. I am not sure if you are right or wrong but they are your views. Best of luck to you and dont let the bastards wear you down.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tim... You really are incredible.
You Know just what the problem at the police department is, you know better then people who were paid to investigate the situation. I mut wonder if that knowledge just comes to you because you are all knowing or if you actually talk to ALL the parties involved (i.e. different ranking officers, TM, Chief of Police)? AND if you talk with them and listen in a impartial, unbiased way? Silly question, you can not be made your mind up long ago so guess you're just all knowing!
But, you're even more powerful then I thought. You are so all knowing that you actually know exactly what the TM and David Schrumm's worldview is!
This town is really lucky to have someone who knows everything about everything on the TC.
You would think this town wouldn't have any problems with you on the council... guess we just don't listen to you enough! If only you could make all the decisions we would never have to worry about anything again!

Anonymous said...

God bless the people of Tims district for giving him to us. Where would we be without him? One could only dream

Wha, Wha, Wha. So the Town Manager does not listen to you. Are you really shocked? Does this really come as a surprise to you? You publicly belittle him, call for his firing, criticize everything he does, and try to micromanage everything he is involved with. Why would he care if he worked well with 1/9 of his bosses? Why would he want to jump through hoops to do you favors? Why would he care if you are giving him top secret inside information?

You know, your relationship with the town manager sounds alot like what is going on in the police dept. Maybe the problem does not lie within the rank and file but in the politicians that are "trying" to run this town.

Anonymous said...

Gee Tim it sounds like people have you figured out.

Anonymous said...

I see that the dems have found a new hobby now that they hold no political offices anymoe...Tim Bashing.

Guess what---He won and you didn't.

For all you pro-pool, pro-turf, and pro-TM....enjoy the next year and half....

At least Tim wear his heart on his sleeve and we know what we get when we vote him in to office. Unlike the previous council who didn't want the town to know what they were doing behind closed doors.
Even you, the detractors, should be grateful to Tim for giving you the information that no other council person did or will do. Like him or not, we should all hope he continues to do so.

Anonymous said...

Tim is correct, there is a fault line in the GOP - not my FAULT, not my FAULT, it's your FAULT, it's someone elses FAULT

Anonymous said...

How correct you are....
Everything they are trying to fix now was left over from the prevoious democratic run town council.
It was their the fixing begins.

Anonymous said...

But the "faulting" continues. Tim is pushing the fact that spending $5000 for this report was not his fault. Tim said that the extra $100,000 for busses and trash each were not his fault. Tim has said that the pd problems are the town managers fault. You are saying that everything wrong is the Democrats fault.

We need council members who do not care about who is to blame for these faults. We need action now to correct the faults reguardless of whose fault it is. Republican, Democrat, Independant, Vulcan, Veteran, Hippie, Industrialist, does not matter - JUST FIX THE PROBLEMS WITHOUT FIGHTING OVER WHOSE FAULT IT IS!!!