Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Video of my resignation announcement

As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be resigning from the Town Council. Here's the five minute vid of me making my announcement... I got a bit choked up near the end... not the easiest thing to do:

And the local newspapers had some online coverage today, including the MRJs Jesse Buchanan and the WRAs Lauresha Xhihani writing:

During his seven years in the council, White has represented the fourth district and is known for walking his district year-round and talking to residents. Independent minded, White often broke ranks with his own party on issues.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Good Job Tim!

Do we get a Tim Slocum Listens Blog now??
Or Tony Perugini Listens?

Lets hope someone steps up to keep us informd the way you have.
We are in the 21st Century and this is how the people get theirinformation. Some may not lke it, but I guarantee you, they also have frequented this place.

You will be missed Tim.

charley said...

Congratulations on your new position. Judging from your efforts in Cheshire, I'm sure the HHF organization will be very well served. Thanks for all your diligent work as a councilman and all your efforts in creating and maintaining your blog. It was an excellent forum for the citizenry of Cheshire and it will be missed by many.
Good Luck, Godspeed and Thanks!

tim white said...

Thank you.

Brian said...

You're a good man, Tim. I've been a resident for a few years. You are the only political person who ever walked up my tiring driveway. And I wound up talking to a Republican on my Democratic porch for an hour. You'd make a great Congressman, Senator...I'd vote for you.
I don't know if you are a religious person, but I am fairly certain going to work in Haiti goes into the 'plus' column when we stand at the Pearly Gates. Best wishes, stay safe and come back. Peace, Tim, and thanks.