Sunday, October 03, 2010

Foley / Malloy: the death penalty

As we all knew, the death penalty is an issue in the Foley / Malloy race for Governor.

In limited circumstances where there is no doubt about one's guilt, I think it's appropriate. And the two predators deserve it. I just hope they don't drag it out for many more years through an appeals process.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Malloy said,
"We know that there is precious little connection, if any, documented between the existence of the death penalty in a state and the homicide rate"

The claim that the DP does not deter murder is debatable, but at least two things are certain: the DP ensures that killer will never kill again (or kill in prison), and the DP serves the purpose of JUSTICE in a case like the Petits.

Malloy also said,
"We know that it has been unfairly, or at least disproportionately, applied to men and women of color."

Spoken like a true reactionary liberal; totally ignores the FACT that black males murder at a rate 700% (seven times) greater than white males (USDOJ).

The people of Conn. have long supported the DP. Folks, you get the tough-on-crime or excuses-for-crime candidates you vote for.

This also applies to Al Adinolfi (the former) and Elizabeth Esty (the latter).

Anonymous said...

60% of the residents in this state want the death penalty to remain a law. 73% of the state want the death penalty for these 2 animals.
What is wrong with our legislators? Are they representing their constituents or their party?
I am even more insulted by Esty, who lives in this town where this horrible crime was commited. How can she vote against the death penalty?
I am sure she has met Dr. Petit, does she feel any of his pain the way many of us do?
Al Adinolfi, who lives not from from the scene of the crime, is campaigning hard. Lets hope he is succesful and that Foley also goes in.

It is time for the elected officials to start listening to those who vote for them.

Breachway said...

What does Esty ask people when she campaigns? Does she tell people she doesn't care how they feel on a topic because she is going to vote her conscience on the issues?

Anonymous said...

These animals wanted to plead guilty to a 3-Judge panel in return for life imprisonment w/o parole--this would have been fine with me. It would be all over by now and the Town, Dr Petit & his family could (hopefully) move on...the BEST for everyone & a helluva lot cheaper

Anonymous said...

That may be nice for you, but this didn't happen to your family.
I know if they did this to my family, I would want them dead too.
If we had a legal system that was effective, it wouldn't cost so much money.Instead, they allow countless appeals after appeals.
Lets fix the system and get the criminals to their penaly phase sooner.

Anonymous said...

Adinolfi isn't Catholic?

Anonymous said...

Adinolfi is Catholic. So???
Most Catholics think for themselves. I for one oppose abortion and illegal immigration, and support the death penalty and gay marriage. So I disagree with my bishops on three of those four issues.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you don't take communion. You are a hypocrite for just showing up to church -- that is, if you ever show up.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Never heard a priest give a sermon that said, "just think for yourselves."

St. Augustine said...

Anon 1135/ 1137:
Who appointed you Inquisitor?

None of these issues are considered "infallible" church teachings (though the teaching against abortion stands in itself on compelling moral and logical grounds).

The freedom and duty to follow one's conscience was affirmed by Vatican II, though it goes back to the early church. "Better to be excommunicated than to violate your conscience" (St. Augustine)

Anonymous said...

St. Augustine,

Your liberal interpretation of church doctrine is humorous. You have to be an ignoramus of epic proportions if you don't believe the Catholic Church is against the death penalty and Catholics are compelled to follow that teaching.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Well, I hope you don't take communion. You are a hypocrite for just showing up to church -- that is, if you ever show up."

What a pompous, self-righteous pharisee.
An Inquisitor indeed. Christ did not found the church as some Stalinist party whose every fallible pronouncement must be obeyed. Fortunately, no priest I know is anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to someone who is divorced, you moron.

And ask this of your priest friends: Is the church's opposition to the death penalty negotiable?

Anonymous said...

The orthodox poster is correct in every point he makes. Holy Mother Church is correct in every pronouncement She makes.

To dissent from even one iota of Holy Roman Catholic Church doctrine is HERESY, a MORTAL SIN which unforgiven means HELL FOR ETERNITY.

This applies to every personal and political matter including:
impure thoughts,
illegal immigration,
open borders,
death penalty,
and to every doctrine of faith including:
papal infallibility,
Magisterial infallibility,
disagreement with bishops
including on their handling of sex abuse,
and doctrines on the Jews, Protestants, atheists, and other heretics.

1:25pm compares absolute obedience to the Magisterium to a Stalinist party. That is the way it is, except Rome, not Stalin, holds the Truth.

Anyone, including any priest, who disagrees is a heretic and excommunicates himself. By definition this includes all protestants.

bellum omnium in omnes!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 2:40, et al:

Well I’m a happily practicing Catholic, and I don’t know any other Catholics or priests like you.

You sound like one of those bizarre ultra-Romanist cults, Opus Dei or Pius X society, who preach a Taliban-type theocratic church and state.

In your world of heresy, mortal sin, and eternal hell, only Rome and YOU know The Absolute Truth about every aspect of life -- from illegal aliens to impure thoughts, from the death penalty to contraception.

Then you demand a slavish “Stalinist” obedience to bishops in all things. Even Al Adinolfi should be “excommunicated”, and all protestants are heretics.

What an embarrassment to regular Catholics! You should examine psychological issues. Nothing you say has anything to do with Jesus, God, or Love.

Anonymous said...

"Wherefore if forgers of money and other evil-doers are forthwith condemned to death by the secular authority, much more reason is there for heretics, as soon as they are convicted of heresy, to be not only excommunicated but even put to death."
St. Thomas Aquinas

Vatican City had the death penaly in their lawbooks until it was abolished in 1969 by Pope Paul VI,

"If anyone sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; For in the image of God has man been made." Genesis 9:6.

"If I have committed a crime or done anything deserving death, I do not seek to escape the death penalty" St. Paul


Anonymous said...

"Blue jeans sitting on the beach,
her dog's talking to me, but she's out of reach...
She's got a body under that shirt,
but all she wants to do is rub my face in the dirt." Genesis. circa 1980.