Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Most Absurd Comment: Nardello on the death penalty

During the debate tonight, the candidates for State Representative were asked about their views on the death penalty. This is when the Most Absurd Comment of the night was spoken.

State Rep. Nardello explained her opposition to the death penalty by talking about how she would never want an innocent person put to death.

News to Vickie...

Everyone else -- including the two murderers -- knows who is guilty!

So please, we don't need to hear your concerns about putting an innocent person to death. We all know that's a risk. And that's part of why I'm not a big fan of the death penalty. But we all know what happened... and we all know who the murderers are. So if you oppose the death penalty, fine. But don't suggest that these two murderers may be innocent!

And of course, she omitted the fact that she apparently wants these two wretched animals to live.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Thank you Tim for pointing that out.
It is the same rhetoric that Malloy is saying. He would abolish the death penalty, but if Hayes is sentenced to death he will allow that to follow throug. Huh???

So under Malloy, if 2 animals go out and do the same thing and get cauht red handed, they would not get the ultimate penalty.

I know you are suppose to look at more than just one of a candidates stands. But this is such an important issue in this town and in this state, I can't vote for anyone who will allow these 2 or anyone else who may commit a crime like this free.

So, sorry Este, Nardello, and Malloy, you don't get his Cheshire resident's vote.

Anonymous said...

The danger of an innocent person being executed is just a smokescreen. The legislature can set standards to require 100% certainty of guilt for the death penalty to apply.

No, Vickie Nardello and Elizabeth Esty are against the DP even when there is no doubt of guilt.

Vickie Nardello tried to retroactively abolish the death penalty which would have commuted Michael Ross' sentence, and would commute SH and JK to lifetimes of top medical care and a host of other "civil rights" at taxpayer expense..

Let Esty and Nardello hold candles and sing Kumbaya outside the prison walls. It's time to replace them with legislators who care more about public safety than their leftwing agenda.

redtown said...

In 2006, Nardello said her conscience favored civil unions for gays, but she voted against it because she thought her district opposed civil unions.

But now she wants to follow her conscience and abolish the death penalty, even though her district strongly supports it.

In Nardello’s selective conscience, Hayes and JK have the civil right to live at taxpayer expense, but my gay neighbors who are decent, hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens should not have the civil right to form a civil union. What a hypocrite she is.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, if we go by public opinion...I bet the voters would vote to eliminate property taxes...and income taxes....and capital gains much for public opinion as it relates to the death penalty. JFK & RFK were murdered but their family to a person is against the death penalty. Death Penalty just another gov't run program.