Monday, October 11, 2010

Project Vote Smart: 90th & 103rd House seats

Previously I commented Project Vote Smart. It was in relation to 89th district's race for State Representative between Kathy Brown (R) and Vickie Nardello (D).

Of the other five candidates running for State Rep in Cheshire, only Al Adinolfi has completed their "political courage" test. So agree with Al or not, at least you can click here and see where he stands...

Here's the 103rd House district:

Al Adinolfi (R)

Elizabeth Esty (D) (i)

And here's the 90th House district:

Richard Abbate (R)

Mary Fritz (D) (i)

Peter Votto (CFL)

If you believe that government should be conducted in smoke-filled rooms and behind closed doors, then you should definitely support Mary Fritz. She's quite vocal in her opposition to good government:

Tim White

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