Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hayes is guilty

Convicted: 1 done, 1 to go. They both deserve the death penalty, but I guess that won't be discussed for Hayes until October 18.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Those little girls died screaming as they were set on fire. The fire marshal testified that gasoline was poured on them and around them. They burned before they died.

Hayes and Komisarjevsky deserve death, society's ultimate expression of revulsion.

As a Christian, I am obiged to pray for them, and I do -- not that they escape their just penalty, but that they avail themselves to God's mercy before they die.

Anonymous said...

Foley and Adinolfi will keep the death penalty intact in this state. Malloy and Esty will not.
Enough said!
Lets make sure justice is done and these 2 get the fate they deserve.

Anonymous said...

These two are subject to the death penalty, because it was the law when these crimes were committed. Any future changes will not pertain to them.

Anonymous said...

RE: Any future abolishion of the DP would not apply to Hayes and Kamisarjevsky.

Maybe or maybe not. The bill that Rell vetoed was not retroactive, but future legislation could be retroactive, and commute the sentences of all on death row. This has happened in other states.

We need a Governor and Reps. who support the will of the people to retain capital punishment.