Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turmelle gives a turf update

The NHRs Luther Turmelle gives an update on the turf:

Supporters of a push to install an artificial turf field at Cheshire High School’s Maclary Athletic Complex are almost halfway to their goal of raising $375,000 to supplement state money for the project.

Anyone happen to know where the $375,000 figure originated?

And since BOE member Tony Perugini keeps asking:

To whom does the turf committee report?

I offer that I recall only two official turf votes:

1) July 2008; and
2) November 2009.

So I watched the video of the July 2008 turf motion and see that the Council never voted to create any sort of turf committee. Therefore, I'm pretty sure the turf committee has no formal authority or formal existence. Though I know that in reality, it does exist.

Regardless, I understand that the Turf Committee has already issued an RFQ for engineering services.

This is getting interesting.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

$$ for new turf..$$ for pool about $$$ for the bridge on CClub Road over Honeypot Brook that has disintergrated so that it is restricted ton (1) Lane!!! What about $$ for that???
Nice vs essential.....!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the number was $350,000 because the cost of the turf was supposedly $875,000 (525,000 + 350,000). Course we all know it'll be a lot more than that.

As far as I recall the Boe wanted a turf committee formed to study the issue regarding costs, safety, etc. The Boe never voted to approve the installation of a turf field. It seems the committee is assuming it'll just get done. I thought that the Boe had to take an actual vote on any project or item that would impact their budget.

And I also find it interesting that at last nights Boe meeting while they voted unhappily to only add 1.3 million to the budget the Superintendent said that he thinks "the community should have a turf field whether they raise the money or not."
So what's more important - education or sports? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

This is not really important.