Saturday, May 08, 2010

Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) fighting FOR America

I thank the Democratic party for putting forward candidates that fight FOR America... people such as Alan Grayson. In this eleven minute classic speech, Congressman Grayson informs America that we own the Red Roof Inn chain of hotels.

What?!?!, you say.


Just listen to him and you'll see how the Bush / Obama / Paulson / Rubin / Geithner / Bernanke / Greenspan Banksters have sold us even more of a bill of goods than we had known. And Mr. Grayson also explains why we didn't know about the next catastrophe-in-the-making... because none of us know what happens inside The Belly of the Beast - The Federal Reserve!

I thank Mr. Grayson (D-Orlando) for fighting FOR America.

President Obama (D-Corporatist) should be ashamed of his actions to fight against transparency, against good government and against the America people.

Seriously... I really don't understand what Obama is thinking. It makes absolutely no sense to me why he is fighting the good guys.

Tim White

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