Wednesday, May 05, 2010

President Transparency lies again

As I previously mentioned, Salon's Glenn Greenwald has already shown President Obama to be a liar. But at least that related to national security concerns. And not that the Red Flag of national security legitimizes lying. But Obama is now pretty much looking like an outright liar when it comes to bragging about his transparency efforts.

Senators Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) don't appear to be pushing an audit of the Fed, but HuffPost's Ryan Grim seems to be saying they support an amendment to Dodd's financial regulatory reform bill. Grim reports that the Dorgan / Grassley amendment would require full disclosure of the Fed's trillions of dollars of bailouts. It:

is the second assault on the Fed. The first was launched by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is pushing an amendment that reflects audit language passed by the House.

With the White House strongly opposed to an audit of the Fed, three economists, including two who had previously worked on oversight of the Fed, pressed the administration to drop its "apocalyptic opposition" to the amendment. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier that the administration "would fight to stop it at all costs."

President Transparency can't even keep to his word on good government issues. I'm so tired of this guy. But further driving home the point is another Congressman I like:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), a cosponsor of the House measure, said that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's opposition represents a conflict of interest. "He was the head of the New York Fed for years and years. This audit would apply to him. And the actions he took -- which he can now take in secret and, when this bill passes, will no longer be secret -- we'll be able to see and understand the decisions that he made that, among other things, put huge amounts of bailout money into the hands of private interests," said Grayson on ABC's "Top Line" Tuesday. "It's one of the biggest conflicts of interest I've ever seen."

Time to clean up the swamp.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Cheney and Bush constantly lied to the American people and no R ever complained. Our entry into the war in Iraq was all based on lies and how many lives dis that cost?

Breachway said...

I am a Republican I agree with the above posting.

Anonymous said...

And Obama continues the lies....
Wasn't he the one who said he would end these wars? He will have everuyone out of Iraq in 6 months.

What happened there?

He says he didn't realize how bad the economy was when he took office...huh? You're running for the most important job in the world and you don't know what you're getting into??

I love how you are all standing behind this liar.
You should have known something was up when the way they tried to win the election was by making Palin the goat. To focus on a VP candidate who they claim had no experience, but probably had more than Obama in running a government.They knew they couldn't go after McCain.

Then you can also look at his vulgar mouthed, liar of a VP too.

Anonymous said...

bush was the most dishonest scumbag president there ever was and Cheney, a racist criminal. they did NOTHING but get us in greater debt and start a senseless war.

tim white said...

I'm not defending Bush or Cheney. Heck, I had Rs furious with me in 2007 & 08 because I was supporting RP in his run for POTUS... and much of that had to do with RP challenging Bush.

I'm just saying that I'm particularly annoyed that Obama made claims about being the most transparent administration in history... then when it comes to a basic audit of the Federal Reserve, he fights it. That's indefensible. Besides, there are good dems - i.e. Alan Grayson - who understand that an Audit of the Fed is the right thing to do.