Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meriden teachers request union concession

From the MRJs Andrew Perlot:

MERIDEN - Twelve hundred dollars - it's a sum that Nicholas Macri isn't especially enthused about giving up, but he's hoping to have the opportunity to do it anyway.

The 32-year school district veteran is among about 150 teachers who have signed a petition to the leadership of their union, the Meriden Federation of Teachers, requesting the opportunity to vote on a three-furlough-day concession, he said.

The teachers estimate that the three furlough days - essentially unpaid leave - would save the Board of Education $700,000, Macri said.


Tim White


Anonymous said...

Watertown teacher's union volunteerily gave furlough days without opening their contract about three weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

The Cheshire teacher union's claim that they can't make concessions of their obscene 13% raise is b*llsh*t. They have no one else to blame but themselves for the resulting cuts. Oink, oink.