Thursday, January 13, 2011

Torrez Ferguson is not only the MDTC Chair, she's also Donovan's Chief of Staff!

Although Elizabeth Esty is out of the running for the Dem nomination in the 13th Senate district, there's still a footnote to be told.

As has been mentioned here and elsewhere, CTs special elections do not allow for primaries. As such, the nominating convention controls everything. And of the four towns -- Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield and Middletown -- in the 13th district, Meriden has more than half the votes at tonight's nominating convention.

And Meriden's DTC Chair, Millie Torrez Ferguson stiff-armed Elizabeth. The MDTC Chair refused to even return Elizabeth's phone calls. Ms. Torrez Ferguson is just plain rude. But the story gets worse.

I now understand that Torrez Ferguson has the cushy job title:

Chief of Staff to the Speaker of the House

Yup. She works for Chris Donovan. So she's not only rude, she's also apparently a pawn for the corrupt Chris Donovan... the same Chris Donovan who gave Crusher his $120,000 / year no-show job... and the same Chris Donovan who fawned over the criminal Tom Gaffey as he exited the legislature.

So it seems to me that Millie Torrez Ferguson is probably just taking her marching orders from Donovan and atrociously failing the 13th's Democratic party. All this is the same crew that brought us The Fraudster, Tom Gaffey.

I wonder who Democrats will vote for on February 22:

A: The Republican


B: The Teachers' Union President

With Elizabeth getting so rudely ignored, it wouldn't surprise me to see Democratic liberals -- which IMO are a distinctly different demographic from Democratic teachers-- stay home and take their chances with a Dem primary in 2012. Considering that they may be facing an incumbent R in a highly Democratic district with a high turnout in a Presidential election year, you may see liberals sit out this special.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Who is Crusher?

Tim White said...

Crusher = former Speaker of the House (CT), Jim "I'll crush them" Amann

While recent Speakers had been in office for six years before retiring, Crusher only served four. He served until Jan 2009. At that point, he retired in exchange for an obvious quid pro quo from then-House Majority Leader Chris Donovan.

The corrupt officials -- Chris and Crusher -- thought it'd be just wonderful if Crusher resigned and Chris stepped up as Speaker. In return, Donovan gave Amann a $120,000 / year no-show job. The intention was for Crusher to use that money to pay the bills while he ran for Governor full-time.

Thankfully though, the pundits ripped Donovan apart until Chris and Crusher had a little "heart to heart." They knew that the entire state knew they were stealing money from the taxpayers in nothing more than a transparent effort at them making themselves feel important... while offering no benefit to the taxpayers.

I wish Donovan would be run out of town, just like Gaffey.

Anonymous said...

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" -- Acton

...and still the Dems keep voting for these corrupt, gratuitous characters

Anonymous said...

The Hartford and Meriden Democrats have sent a simple and unequivocal message to the Town of Cheshire.

Get stuffed.

Let's respond in kind