Sunday, January 23, 2011

Energy conservation plan: initial proposer walkthru

It’s taken years to get here. But with gasoline inching toward $4 / gallon, the time couldn’t be better for the Council and BOE to be moving forward with their town wide energy conservation plan.

The next step in the long process to overhaul potentially dozens of buildings is scheduled for Tuesday at 9am in Town Hall. All proposers for the energy conservation RFP are to attend a walkthrough that will include staff from both the Town (esp. Town Hall and PD) and BOE (esp. CHS and Dodd).

Including CHS is particularly helpful. You may recall that the August 2009 capital budget saw the electric retrofit for (the back 1/3 of) CHS balloon from $1.9 million to $4 million... and get indefinitely delayed. But this project is intended to cover CHS. So hopefully the two will dovetail with the lifetime savings of the improvements offsetting the capital costs of the project.

But beyond the initial four buildings, if things move forward as anticipated, the town could eventually expand the scope of the work to include all town buildings and schools. However, it was decided that a more limited group of buildings was the best approach to begin the energy conservation plan.

H/t to Councilman Steve Carroll for the head’s up!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

When was the RFP put on the Town's website and how else & when was advertised. The mandatory meeting is January 25th, if you don't go you cannot respond to the bid. A bit more time to allow a greater amount of qualified bidders would have been nice.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I see the temps in Haiti are 70-90 and mostly sunny.

it's now 10 degrees in Cheshire, windchills below zero, more snow is on the way, and there's nowhere left to put it. Can you do anything about the weather?

Anonymous said...

tim did nothing to push this idea forward
otheres did
He is trying to take credit
White-a lot of talk and very little action

Anonymous said...

tim did nothing to help this along except talk talk talk
same of tim white
much talk no action