Monday, January 17, 2011

And the gunfire returns...

I hadn't heard gunfire in the neighborhood since December. But tonight, the shooters are back for an encore presentation! It started around 6pm... the same time I learned that "Baby Doc" Duvalier returned after 25 years in exile.

This could get interesting....

But on a more fun note, I got out into the field today. I visited the coastal town of Testasse. We've been involved there for a while, including home construction, a fishing collaborative among the local residents and some other stuff. It was fascinating to sit there and absorb -- not all, but -- some of the discussion regarding the things that could be done to improve their lives.

The great thing I see is that our field staff are so involved in the communities. They know what's actually happening and what can to be done. They know who is trying to improve their lot in life and who is sitting on their keister waiting for another handout. So they can distinguish between those who want to learn to fish... and those who want to be given a fish. I love it.

And even better than today was an upcoming project in which I may be able to get involved. Outside of work, some staff are planning a reforestation project. The goal is planting 100,000 trees by Arbor Day. It would be fantastic. My understanding is that Haiti is the most deforested country in the world... only about 3% of Haiti is still forested.

Tim White

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Chris Taus said...

Duvalier’s return creates an enormous distraction, serious confusion and has the added benefit of rallying his base against Duvalier. Essentially, Duvalier is a pawn in Preval’s transparent and desperate attempts to maintain power.