Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010: Cheshire's two major political parties

Cheshire Dem insiders failed to stop either Gaffey or Meccariello from attempting to return to office... even though we all knew they were corrupt.

And Cheshire GOP insiders also played games with the 18th Probate District race. But grassroots Republicans had their say on that one.

Common theme?

Insiders attempting to rule the day, but others poo-poo-ed on their parade.

Will this theme continue in 2011?

Based on comments I've heard around Cheshire over the past week, I suspect that theme may continue into the new year. For those who do want to get involved, I encourage you to do so. But also recognize that there are rules for participation in the two parties. For a better understanding of the rules, I suggest you start with the Town Clerk and the Chair of your party.

Tim White

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