Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Esty denied consideration in the 13th

Cheshire's newest online news source, The Cheshire Patch, is reporting on the Meriden Democratic Political Machine's refusal to even acknowledge Elizabeth Esty as a candidate for the state Senate seat being vacated by the disgraced criminal, Tom Gaffey.

Although I doubt she meant it, I feel her comments in the story inadvertently made the case to vote for anyone but the Democrat.

Elizabeth says that the Meriden Democratic Chairwoman wouldn't even return her exploratory calls. How rude is that? And this comes from the same crew who knew full well that The Gaffe was a criminal, yet renominated him anyway? It seems to me that the Chair, Millie Torres-Ferguson, could have at least returned Elizabeth's phone call and let her make her case.

But no, that wasn't in the cards.


When I look at the history of Gaffey, the C.V. of Thomas Bruenn and the fronting done by the corrupt Speaker of the House, Chris Donovan (D-Meriden), I can't help but feel that the Meriden DTC -- not the voters of Meriden and not Meriden Democrats -- is basically a subcommittee of the Meriden Teachers' Union. And since Elizabeth isn't a spokesperson for the teachers' union, she was denied any consideration whatsoever in the 13th's Democratic nominating process. Sad.

Now I just hope that I can vote. It can takes months for mail to get to / from Jeremie. And with absentee ballots requiring four legs in the mail system, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. But I'll try because this process just stinks and we need to some change in Hartford. Governor Malloy will need some more adults -- not hacks -- to help send Donovan and Williams to their room when they throw their temper-tantrums.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"I will support the party's nominee," Esty said. "Going forward, I hope it will be more inclusive," she said.

Good luck on that. Like the Stalinist communist party, Democrats have no problem eating their own.

Anonymous said...

7:23 Correct:
I understand that Esty’s fellow Democrats in the Legislature could not stand working with her because of her tendency to try and make everyone think that she was smarter than them; including the Committee Chairs. That is why she makes believe she is not a liberal and plays moderate. It will not work; her history speaks for itself.

susan said...

I have another take on the election in the 13th AND I am a fellow conservative. Specifics as to why education reform is needed are well documented, Check out ConnCAN. Tom Bruenn has integrity and is a problem solver. Suppose the teachers unions see the handwriting on the wall for reform. Can you think of a better way to guide the ship forward?