Sunday, January 09, 2011

13th Senate district's special election taking shape

Now that the criminal Tom Gaffey is gone from office, the February 22 special election is taking shape. Based on the MRJs reporting by Dan Ivers and Lisa Backus, Meriden has more than 50% of the votes at the Dem nominating convention. In fact, of the district's four towns -- Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield and Middletown -- Meriden Dem convention delegates comprise:

five more than the three other towns combined

and Meriden Dems intend to vote as a block, supporting Thomas E. Bruenn:

a retired Platt High School teacher who also has served as the president of the Meriden Federation of Teachers. He has been on the Board of Education for the past three-and-a-half years.

And since there are no primaries in a special election, it appears that Elizabeth Esty won't be a candidate. That could be bad news for the Cheshire GOP in 2011. If she's not running for Congress, she may have some time on her hands this year. I'm sure Ernie Dipietro would love to have her as the campaign manager for the local campaign.

As for the GOP, we still don't appear to have coalesced around a particular candidate. While I'm figuring Len Suzio will be the choice, the MRJ indicates that Middletown's Republican Mayor lives within the 13th district. So he'd have to be considered. And there are some other Meriden Rs considering a run.

Looking forward, the Dems are set to nominate their candidate on Thursday. And the MRJ says that the GOP will nominate someone on Monday, though it's unclear if it's tomorrow or eight days from today.

The important thing for both sides to remember is that special elections tend to have low turnout. So while the 13th district is a Dem district by most measures, a high turnout among Republicans could swing the district to the GOP column. But that requires boots-on-the-ground, trudging through snow in the cold February winds of the central Connecticut valley.

Who's up for a victory party?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I could support Suzio except for the fact of his strong religious views and that he would strongly oppose women's choice, family planning and birth control devices and prescriptions. We don't need govt shoving one's religious mandates down our throats. Keep the damn government out of our bedrooms. Keep your religious mandates within your church membership and don't make our government the policeman for your church.

The government should never force women to have more children than they want or can afford, and then blame them for being on state aid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster except on abortion. Abortion is homicide, the murder of innocent human life. (Fewer than 3% involve rape or life of mother. 97% are homicides for social convenience).

And just because some churches oppose abortion doesn’t mean the state should not protect human life. Should we repeal laws against stealing and perjury just because these are also church laws?

Tim White said...

Is Suzio pro-life?

I didn't even pay that much attention as I knew that Gaffey was a crook. So the choice was as easy as it gets.

Anonymous said...

The state is going broke right now and folks are worried about an issue the Supreme Court has put to rest for at least the next decade.

Get a grip

Tim White said...

Well, at least Gaffey is gone. The $2800 wouldn't make that much of a difference with our huge deficit. But avoiding (or reducing) his $1 billion gift to his lobbyist girlfriend would have made a difference.

Too bad the corrupt legislature doesn't impeach Don Williams for abuse of power... that's what he did with his actions toward Hartley when she challenged Ferrialo's "Big Boy" Gaffey.

Donovan and Williams need to go. I hope Malloy is strong enough to act like an adult for both the Executive and Legislative branches because Chris and Don are spoiled little kids who need to be sent to their rooms until they learn to behave themselves.

Anonymous said...

If you want state government to keep being a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher's union and to keep "Leake-ing" all over taxpayers, by all mean support the Democrat who wants Gaffey's job