Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rennie on Mary Glassman for the CT-5

Kevin Rennie's daily ruction is about perennial candidate Mary Glassman possibly running for the CT-5. You may recall her name.

In 2006, she started her candidacy for statewide races by clobbering Destefano's LG running mate, West Hartford Mayor Scott Slifka. She was Governor Malloy's running mate. Then four years later, Ned Lamont picked her as his running mate. Unfortunately for Ms. Glassman, Dannel's running mates always get the nod. And so Nancy Wyman had her name placed on the November ballot.

Clearly Rennie isn't fond of Ms. Glassman and expects she'll get clobbered again, if she runs for Congress:

If the chronic candidate runs for re-election in Simsbury and then launches a run for Congress in 2012, that would make 7 campaigns in 6 years... She may also face questions about her role in running-mate Ned Lamont’s accusations of racism against primary and general election winner Stop-Calling-Me-Dan Malloy. Democratic loyalists won’t forget Glassman’s heavy-handed attempt to portray Wyman as an aging relic in contrast to the 52 year old Glassman’s notion of her own charm.

And Chris Murphy certainly sounds like he's running for Senate, regardless of what Joementum decides. I figure in a high turnout Presidential election year, it'll be tough for any non-Dem to win a CT Senate race... even if it is Joe as a Republican... and that's a big if.

Tim White

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