Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WPCA public hearing on the future of sewers

The WPCA held a public hearing tonight to listen to concerns about the 20 year future of Cheshire's sewer system. I saw several resident speak, including Matt Bowman:Tim White


Anonymous said...

How appropriate. Matt Bowman speaking about sewers, when usually everything he speaks IS sewage. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Matt Bowman says, believe the opposite.

Any position he takes is to put money in his or his friends pocket. Cheshire is just a big ATM to them and the taxpayers keep it stocked.

Anonymous said...

In this picture, the speaker is describing those areas of Cheshire to which he has contributed more than his share of waste (noted in the shaded areas).

Whoops! That's all of Cheshire! No wonder why our sewage treatment cover blew a hole in it! This equipment can only handle so much-- we really just pushed it too hard. Now we need a multimillion dollar upgrade. Oh well.