Monday, June 28, 2010

Energy Commission - June 28, 2010

The Energy Commission met tonight. One of the lengthiest discussions related to an extension of the household energy audit program. The basic idea is that the energy audits that happened about a month ago were funded with $27,000 of stimulus money... and there's about $10,000 remaining. About 650 houses were audited back then and the EC hopes to audit another 400 with a $25 discount off of CL&P's $75 fee... so the cost to you would be $50. More details to come, but it'll probably begin soon.

There was some discussion about retrofitting some school light poles with more efficient lighting.

Chris Halpin of Celtic Energy continues working with the town and schools on the RFP for a townwide energy conservation plan... that may be funded with a performance contract. Again though, I'm not too concerned about engaging in a performance contract. My goal is to address the town's energy consumption in a comprehensive manner... and to finance it the best way possible. Details mentioned tonight were that the project has been scoped out with probably four buildings being included... but the project is intended to be scalable. In other words, the town could engage an energy services company for four buildings initially... but expand that contract to all two dozen buildings, if it makes sense. The four buildings that will likely be included are: Town Hall, PD, CHS & Dodd. The RFP should be ready by the end of July with responses being received by September... which is great news. I'm hoping this addresses the $4 million CHS retrofit project.

And the pool was discussed.

Tim White

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