Thursday, June 10, 2010

I met a hero of mine - David Walker

I didn't get to mention it at the time, but a few weeks ago I got to meet one of my heroes - David Walker. I've mentioned him here before, but not in a while. And his crusade is IMO among the most important facing America today - our reckless fiscal policy.

Why is Mr. Walker a hero of mine?

Easy... he resigned his 10-year appointment as the our country's top accountant (Comptroller) to tackle his current job running the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and trying to return some fiscal sanity to Washington. In other words, he gave up guaranteed job security in order to do the right thing.

Anyway, the meeting in Bridgeport was relatively small... only about 20 or so attendees. And the intimate setting afforded me the opportunity to ask how I (as a local Councilman) could help impact the issues facing our country. His answer was to simply increase transparency at the local level. He probably meant talking about stuff like Cheshire's new $20 million OPEB liability. But I'm already working on that! So after the meeting concluded I asked him one more question:

Can I get you to speak in Cheshire?

He made no promises, but gave me his card:

Now I have to see if I can convince him to come here. I think it would be great way to help remind people about the magnitude of the fiscal problems facing us.

And here's a 30-minute condensed version of his 2008 film I.O.U.S.A.:

And if you intend to watch the video in full, make sure to expand the video to the full size of your monitor!

Tim White

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