Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remember the pool vote - Tues June 22 @ CHS

Regarding the pool vote, I've been getting phone calls from residents. They're concerned that people may forget about the $7 million pool referendum on Tuesday June 22 @ Cheshire High School. One resident told me he was going to make a cardboard sign to remind people. And as you can see by these pix, the signs are already going up:I've started a Facebook page to remind people... feel free to say you'll be attending "the event." Maybe it'll go viral and remind people to vote.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Curious to know who paid for the full page ad in the Cheshire Herald?

Lets hope we get a lot of people out to vote against this.
There are not enough options and the 2 they are giving us aren't good.

Perhaps they should peel away the Vote signs from those signs and put it up FOR SALE.

Tim White said...

I didn't even notice the ad. What page was it on?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous June 13, 2010 11:29 PM said...
"Curious to know who paid for the full page ad in the Cheshire Herald?"

The ad said: "Paid for by the Cheshire Community Pool Action Committee."

As a reminder, by law, anything like this (ads, mailers or flyers) that attempt to influence a vote, requires a disclosure of who was responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

from the 2/9/10 TC minutes:

Mr. Ruocco reported that there is a group
forming to provide input on the pool. It is called the Cheshire Community Pool
Action Group, and will be proactive in support of a possible referendum on the
pool. The group is described as diverse, consisting of senior citizens, swim team
members, and residents who use the pool, with a long term goal to provide input
to the Parks and Rec Commission to enhance the use and reduce the cost. Mr.
Ruocco said the Council will hear more from this group, and said it is good to see
citizen action groups forming and providing input.

Anonymous said...

re; pool action group, more info can be found on:

Timmy! said...

No fetid pool should have a 7 mill cover on it.

you can open the fire hydrant for a lot less. Or (duh) find a real river to infect.

Oh, I shall vote.

Eric Cartman said...

How many residents go to the pool? How many single rich men are allowed at the pool? If I went there everyday, in this world, I would be so Homeland Securitied, my knees would turn blue. why would a single person want to go swim where a thousand kids who never had the sign read to them, we don't swim in your...please don' our..."

please. 7 mill, for the little rich kids who can't afford a walmart pool?
good lord, margo.

and by the way, if there is some guy there, even once a him. Putrid fetid swamp needs cover.

I'll pitch a tent over it for 30 grand.

Stan said...

Wake the heck up. Citizens I never meet.

Anonymous said...

The reason this referendum will pass is because the supporters organized themselves and spread the word. Never under-estimate the power of special interest groups and organizational skills.

Up next next is TURF!!! This Wednesday night at the TC Planning Committee Meeting 7:30pm at Town Hall. The turf committee will be asking the planning committee to release the turf grant money so they can get started with excavation in August. fun is.

Anonymous said...

If this TC allows the turf to go ahead without guarantees of replacement costs then they will be out in the next election. The turf will be their pool. An albatross that gets worse each year.

Kyle said...

What kind of person, in this economy, would get out and vote for a 7 million dollar cabana? I could use a sewer in the street, ya know...35 years of dumping in my yard is a drag, man. I think they dug Candlewood lake for about 3 mill. But if you guys think my house value will go up with this, more power to ya, as I wave bye bye with the buyer's money. Hope he has 7 kids to pee in your pool and make you have to educate them.
We are a nation of sheep.

Mr. Garrison said...

Un kay?
Let's buy a corn field and dig till we hit water, un kay?
Let's buy the ATT tower and that is 120 feet deep, so everyone donate a few gallons. It will be no less dangerous than a virus infected. mersa loving staph breeding spyrochete energizing flu distributing, laughing at chlorine, in shock at the cost, swimming pool.

Fake water with human goo. Wonderful. I think all voters of "yes!" should be forced to drink a glass on there way into the booth.
Towns buy sand, put the sand in a fenced off pond, and hire a lifeguard. they don't pretend they can open the 7 mill wallet. I want a sewer.
Dang, I gotta see this pool. Must have roses and valet parking.
Paris Hilton at the gate. I am making myself ill. Is Leonardo doing the ceiling?

Kenny McCormick said...

We need the pool folks...after all... where else can the teams go to wash off the chemicals they absorb from the synthetic turf field? It's not like the locker rooms have been fixed yet at the high school. Beefcake!

Butters said...

"Let's buy a corn field and dig till we hit water, un kay?"

We did that's called Boulder Knoll know that bargain farm of the century...but turns out we have to pay to tear down the barn. I guess nobody noticed it was leaning to one side when it was sold to the town.

Aw shucks now.

Mr. Mackie said...

I don't know why people dislike the pool supporters. After all, it's not like they're out there raising money from a few special interest groups to fund a "free" turf field while bypassing the voters. I mean, after all, at least the poole enclosure is going to referendum whereby the public can vote yeah or nay...

No back doors for the pool enclosure. Plenty of loopholes for the turf field. How cool is that? A small group of "donors" raise enough money (plus the help of $525K from the state slush fund..thank you Ms. Fritz) to get it installed but the voters (who can't vote on the field) are stuck with the replacements costs every 8 years!!!!


Anonymous said...

There won't be SURF & TURF in the same year.

Anonymous said...

"There won't be SURF & TURF in the same year"

Yes, there certainly will be in the same year. In case you didn't know, the turf committee has lined up engineering firms to oversee the turf installation. It's already started, sorry, you lose.

Anonymous said...

So who was at the party at Patton Drive over the weekend? 35 kids were arrested for underage drinking plus a 17 old year arrested for hosting the party..oh oh.

I do think it's low for the Republican American to publish the names of the kids arrested in today's paper. What's the point?

I bet there are a lot of proud parents today in Cheshire. Although I wonder who purchased all of the beer and hard liquor they confiscated at the party?

Oh well, when in Cheshire...

Anonymous said...

Is because 17 year olds drink why you hate education?

Chef said...

Now, Now...children. It is best to let your parents fight for your right to swim in clear water. Well, it's not really water, but if I was on Mars, all you children would be happy to drink that water. And all you children will be on Mars someday. Now let's sing about my salty....
( this mic on?)

Radiohead said...

Kenny is here! So he's NOT dea...oh dear.

those Bas^^^^s!

Closet Tom Cruise said...

to anonymous 27 1/2 (pick a name, you are still creative.)
I don't think he or she hates education, because he merely pointed out that although this town claims to be the paramour of education, the veritable Syracuse on Rte 10 (come that the driest, prisonic, road to nowhere (I mean, of course, New Haven) ever built with a straight line?//the clillun' are still the same chillun' we had at my urban, mixed race (and some were racier than others) school. They drink. But the parents, with their highlights, are now more a bunch of spoiled brats serving spoiled brats. After all, the town council didn't put 3 liquor stores wrapped around Staples Plaza for nothing. And highlights for the divorced moms are within a few hundred feet. 2 highlight shops, and 3 liquor stores. Now that is real math.

Mr. Hand said...

And by the way...some of your little dears went into my mother's car and stole her country CDs, and her grocery bag with our last name on it. They left that bag in a neighbors car when they stole the neighbor's stuff. Then they went 3 houses away and stole a laptop from a college student's house. I live 5 houses away from the mother. The police officer told me it was 'kids'. So if you live somewhere around Ward lane, and your kid is listening to his "new country music CD, on his new laptop", stop the highlight treatment and be a parent. They scared my mother. We used to have a rule: "No mothers, man."

Or was that George Carlin?

Anonymous said...

Time to concentrate folks.
Do we have a pool? Yes. Some may claim it should never have been built, too large, should be attached to HS etc etc etc but the fact is the pool exists.
Does the pool cost us millions in the budget every year? No. This fiscal year it will cost less taxpayer money than the Senior Center...about $370,000.
Do non-users subsidize the pool? Yes they do. Just like people with septic tanks help pay for the sewers, people with no kids pay for the schools and people who don't get arrested help pay for the comfy jail cells on Highland Ave. and non-walkers pay for the linear trail.
Why can't it be summer only? Probably because lots of people swim the other 9 months of the year and the savings would be minimal. In addition, pool was not built to freeze up in the winter and winter damage may end up wiping out the "summer only savings" anyway.
Do we have to fix the bubble? Yes. Sooner or later it reaches the end of its useful life. Best case it dies quietly....butmore likely itcomes down in a raging winter nor'easter. The what? Call a quick referendum on another bubble? Call OpenAire to see if their price is still good? Dump anti-freeze in the water and wait for spring? We have a chance to fix the pool in a thoughtful, logical, affordable manner. If you want to wait, don't bust the town's stones for having to make quick (and often expensive) decisions during a crisis like a bubble collapse.
Is this going to be a big budget buster? No. The debt service payment in the early years (the payments will go down every year over the 20 year bond repayment schedule) on the $7 million in bonds less the expense savings from energy and bubble up/down would work out to less than one half of one percent of the town's annual budget. The % would get smaller every year for the next 20 years and then the thing is paid for. This is a small price to pay for a good fix.

Anonymous said...

And waste $7 million on that hole. Come on you cut teachers and push this you are a JOKE.

Hooper said...

"I'll catch your shark...and I'll put him in your pool too. 12 thousand. Farewell and ado, you fair Spanish ladies, farewell and ado, you ladies of Spain."

"We're gonna need a bigger pool."

Ringo said...

“Somebody said to me, ''But the Beatles were anti-materialistic.'' That's a huge myth. John and I literally used to sit down and say, ''Now, let's write a swimming pool.''”

Paul McCartney

Uncle Disgruntled said...

I am bringing my buddy out, on voting day. He is frail, so it is not fun, but when I say 7 million, he will hop into the truck fairly quickly. I am bringing my brother in law, my sister, my mother, my 18 year old niece (I'll sign her up if she isn't already)and if you get your pool cover, it wasn't my fault.

Anonymous said...

Hey's something to chew on.......
There have been many Ed budget battles over the years and the cry is always about the teacher layoffs.
How odd, since last January during the BOE budget hearing the Supt. said that there had NEVER been a layoff in the history of the town and he hoped to avoid it in the future. Hmmmm.
Think back on the infamous (famous?) "Zero Budget" of several years ago when, again, the cries of "teacher layoffs" were heard.
When the dust settled do you know how many layoffs there were? Zero.
Now, if you are to believe the NH Register, the dreaded layoff number is shrinking again. During the budget battle last spring the number "25 teachers" was being thrown around. A few weeks ago it was down to 12. Now it is down to 7 and the Supt says that may even shrink over the next few weeks as "more is known" about retirements etc.
Hmmmmm. Maybe we will get to zero again? Where is Peter Paul and Mary when we need them....we could get them to sing in the park this summer...."Poof the Magic Layoffs".......Ha!

Tony Perugini said...

2:05...14 teachers/positions are gone. Some through layoff others through attrition i.e. they quit, found jobs elsewhere or retired. Those 13 positions are eliminated from the budget, gone and will not be refilled.

The only reason a handful of layoff notices were handed out as opposed to 14 notices being handed out is that these teachers were given a heads up some time ago (when folks in town were complaining about lack of details) that their positions were being eliminated come June.

Had they not resigned/retired they would've received layoff notices. These positions no longer exist in the 2010-2011 budget.

Tony Perugini