Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wish the pool debate could be reframed

I'm starting to get the pool-related emails. So the debate is ongoing. And no doubt will continue at least until June 22.

From my perspective though the whole discussion is unfortunate. It's been framed entirely as only two options:

1) a bubble; or

2) a permanent structure.

And the "payback" is discussed in terms of those two options.

And a summer-only option has been described as nothing more than a heavier financial burden than the proposed permanent structure. But that's based on:

1) inflated expenses for a summer-only pool; and

2) assumed revenue numbers.

And while we have no idea what future pool revenues will be, it's safe to say that no Council is going to staff a summer-only pool the way it's currently proposed... and therefore expenses would almost certainly be lower.

The expenditure side of the summer-only option seems to have not undergone the critical analysis necessary for it to meet with budgetary realities. I wish I had had the time to be more involved in the pool meetings during February and March as the current debate may have been framed differently.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, is it true that Justin Adinolfi is sending out emails against the pool enclosure? Thankfully, I'm not on the email chain but I know he's managed to piss off my neighbors who are supporters of Justin and the pool and it sounds like he's spreading the usual lies. Any insight into this?

Anonymous said...

There are pro-pool emails going around. There are alternative pool- proposal emails going around. There are anti-pool emails going around. They are from all different people - councilmen, pool committee members, concerned citizens, etc. The unfortunate reality is that people are taking this entire pool scenario personally and it's getting ugly. Everyone needs to be respectul, stop naming names (here and on other blogs) and just vote your conscience.

Anonymous said...

Justin A sat on the Planning Committee since last December. That committee followed a course to narrow potential builders of an enclosure for the pool. Justin went along with this and then creation of an excellent non-partisan PBC committee to come up with recommendations. He didn't make a peep about another bubble until April...or maybe it was May....on the very day when the PBC committee was to make their report to the Council. His actions contradict his words that he supports a year round pool. He has climbed out on a limb of illogic and doesn't know how to come back. If he was smart he would announce his support of the referendum......unless he would rather have bragging rights about "I told you so" if the project is defeated.
And this is enlightened leadership?

Anonymous said...

Tim, you are constantly trying to be the odd man out in every discussion. Is it to prove how smart you are?
"Reframing the debate" makes no sense unless you don't think Cheshire can have a year round facility at a reasonable cost. If you want to make it summer only come out and SAY so and then give us the numbers to back up why that makes sense. And make sure you add the costs of busing the swim teams around the state to practice/compete.
Just think of the carbon footprint of THAT, Mr. Green.

Anonymous said...

This town, and all of us, need to stop nickle and diming every project. The pool is built. It is not going to be closed or filled in. The fact is a structure needs to be built to protect the pool going forward. We "low bid" everything, and try to get by on the cheap.. Yes, there is a difference between prudent and cheap. The structue on the pool needs to be built. Period. No my kids dont swim, they dont even attend Cheshire Schools. No Im not a member of the pool, but have used it on occassion. Cheshire was once a town to be admired and jealous of. It is now a circus, laughable in its direction and squabbling. I have been a lifelong resident and for once would like to see this town get something right. Fix the problem and move forward

Anonymous said...

The only sure fix for the problem of the town pool is to get rid of it. The present method by which the town addresses and fixes things is called the wait and hope method of problem solving. If you just hunker down and wait and hope surely a better day will come.

At this point in the very long failed life of the pool mess, town government and a few residents are now just waiting and hoping again. With some luck and the correct turnout of only a few voters the summer solstice may bring with it about 10 million dollars more to be wasted on something the town has clearly proved it is incapable of dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about this pool - I don't have a strong opinion either way.

But if I were part of this "objective" committee that considered the proposals, I'd publish information showing the numbers for all projects considered, including costs of new bubble, current bubble, etc, to prove that their final choice makes sense financially.

But they don't.

Then the "yes" people promote on their flyer $65k of new revenue for a "year round" pool. Sorry, but don't we already have one, flawed as it may be?

Then all these so-called committee members start pushing the option they chose. Was their job to be advocates of their final choice and to put down those who question them?

Yes, I would love to have a beautiful year round pool. But the high level of cheerleading and low level of facts makes me very skeptical...

Anonymous said...

"But if I were part of this "objective" committee that considered the proposals, I'd publish information showing the numbers for all projects considered, including costs of new bubble, current bubble, etc, to prove that their final choice makes sense financially."

They did present all that and more at the 4 hr public hearing. Maybe Tim can post the presentation and backup material that was presented.

Anonymous said...

Re: funny about this pool....

There is a blog -cheshirepool.blogspot.com-where data and other info from sources like the Energy commission are presented. Details of energy consumption are given.