Friday, June 11, 2010

We won the Neighbor to Neighbor energy award!!!

Holy wow Batman!

EarthMarkets and the CT Clean Energy Fund (among others) prepared a bid to participate in an energy grant program. I first caught wind of this back in December.

And now the DOE announced that Cheshire (among 14 CT towns, including Bethany & Cheshire as one of four CT groupings) and the CT grant application are among 20 applications that were awarded $60 million! That includes over $4,000,000 for CTs Neighbor to Neighbor challenge!

Special thanks to Kerry O'Neill, Bryan Garcia and Bob Wall for making this happen. Oh, and also Congressman Chris Murphy's office helped move this forward when the whole process seemed to be falling off the rails. So thanks Chris!

More details to follow, but it's late.

Tim White

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