Sunday, April 04, 2010

The toads of Mixville - April 3, 2010

The toads were having a party in one of Mixville's vernal pools yesterday:

A couple pix of their annual ritual:

And I also noticed this very intimidating sign from big brother:

Gorgeous weekend, huh?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

this video has the makings of a new Alfred Hitchcock thriller -- The Frogs!

Anonymous said...

What is so intimidating about a sign that says "do not remove picnic tables from pavilion?" You get so freaking paranoid over the stupidest little things. Time for you to grow up.

Comments like that will make you oppose another persons wish that all council members are elected at large. Town wide, you would not stand a chance.

tim white said...

7:47... it's called "sarcasm."

Please keep in mind there is no legal requirement for you to visit this blog. And frankly, I request that you stay away (although I have this sneaking suspicion that you'll be back...)

Anonymous said...

dear 747..why so angry with Tim? You don't have to agree with everything Tim says but you have to give him credit for caring, for investigating, for courage (it can't always be easy to fight city hall)

Anonymous said...

747 is probably one of the losing Dems the voters tossed out in Nov. He's bitter and angry and has nothing else to do but sribble graffiti all over these pages.

csh said...

Tim was obviously being sarcastic. Besides, that's a great pic!

Talbot said...

That is a great pic because there are no tables there. Hello...someone took the tables out of the pavillion. Get it, 747? Tim cares and works tirelessly for all of us--all of us being the town of Cheshire. Thanks, Tim. Keep up the great work! You the man!

Anonymous said...

I tried to straighten Tim out because, according to previous posts, he is afraid of "big brother". Sarcasim is a little hard to interperate in print as you cannot hear the tone in ones voice. Nobody would have known it was sarcasim had I not said anything.

Park and rec puts the tables in the large pavillion for the winter to repair and store them

Obviously Tim is not doing as well of a job as you believe. Many people on here and in public disagree with how he tries to run the town. He wastes tax payer money on petty issues and fails to listen to what the voters want

Anonymous said...

He must be doing something right; the voters keep re-electing him. "Many people" who disagree with him are not most people.

Anonymous said...

well put 459--too often in town the vocal minority believes it is the majority.

Anonymous said...

April 05, 2010 7:47 AM

Don't' you have anything better to do, than to constantly bash Tim.

Get a life.

By the way, Tim knows exactly who you are.