Saturday, April 24, 2010

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton (R- Governor)

Danbury's long-time Mayor, Mark Boughton, is trying to get the GOP nod to run for Governor this fall. You can see his website here.

I haven't thought much about the Governor's race yet, but have to get thinking about it. I met Mayor Boughton a few years ago during a political event and he seemed very creative at problem-solving (something to do with education) in those few moments. So I had a favorable view of him back then. And I still like him today.

As I sort through my wish list of traits in our next Governor, I'm thinking that Chief Executive experience is a good thing. In other words, I'm favorable to any of the Mayors who are running. He's also proven himself electable by having been served as a Republican Mayor in one of CTs cities for probably a decade now.

Anyway, I'm an alternate to the convention in May. So I'll need to make a decision for Governor by then. But in the meantime, I'm still undecided... though I do like Mayor Boughton.

And here's the Mayor in his own words:

Tim White


Anonymous said...

how can u only be an alternate??? are you not one of the longest serving Rs in Cheshire?????

Tim White said...

My dad is a delegate and I'm going to be his alternate as he's busy on that Saturday. And there's no way that I'll make it to Hartford from B'port on Friday night. So I think it works out well.